Miami and Miami Beach November 2017 election results

The results are in. These are your new leaders (except for District 3, that one’s headed to a runoff), and this is how you voted on your city proposals.

City of Miami:


Francis Suarez

District 3

This is headed to a runoff because no candidate topped 50 percent. Joe Carollo came in first place with 30 percent of the vote, but the race for second between Alfonso “Alfie” Leon (20.30 percent) and Zoraida Barreiro (20.03 percent) was so close that it’s headed for an automatic recount (that’s a difference of 17 – 17! – votes. Your vote matters).

Whoever has more votes after the recount will head to a runoff against Carollo on Nov. 21.

District 4

Manolo Reyes (57 percent)

“Miami Forever” bond

Passed (57 percent)

Monty’s lease extension

Passed (64 percent)

Auditor general changes, pt. 1

Passed (70 percent)

Auditor general changes, pt. 2

Passed (70 percent)

Retaking a seat after a special election

Passed (61 percent)

Miami Beach


Dan Gelber (82 percent)

Group 2 

Mark Samuelian (68 percent)

Group 3

Michael Gongora (65 percent)

Ocean Drive last call

Did not pass (65 percent)

FAR Increase

Passed (59 percent)

You can see the total results breakdown, including Hialeah and Homestead results, here.

Now that you know who’s in charge…

Let’s talk about the future.

Let your new mayors know what your vision for your city is by heading to our Facebook and Instagram and leaving a comment that fills in the blank below:

Dear Mayor Suarez, let’s build a Miami where ______________.

Dear Mayor Gelber, let’s build a Miami Beach where __________________.

Do you want your new mayor focused on making Miami more affordable? Or maybe ensuring Miami Beach can be a neighborhood for everyone? Keeping that nightlife alive? Whatever your dream is, tell us and the rest of our New Tropic community about it.