Miami Neighborhood Guides

Our neighborhood guides help you explore Miami’s many neighborhoods, from South Beach to Hialeah, Little Haiti to South Dade.

We’ve got locals’ secret spots for the best vaca frita (or tacos, empanadas, griot, or corned beef on rye, depending), our favorite places to knock back a few or grab a craft cocktail, hundreds of hidden things to explore, and stories about history, local issues, and the people who are making Miami’s neighborhoods what they are.

You don't need street numbers to know the boundaries of Little Havana. Cuban culture is rich and permeates every aspect of the area. You feel Little Havana when you're in it. The grid pattern makes it easy to explore and get around, giving you more time to enjoy the food, rum, cigars, and music.

In our new guide to Little River and Little Haiti, we’re focusing on the people, places, and history of the area spanning from 54th St. through 79th St. — celebrating the patchwork of people and places that make up these vibrant neighborhoods.

Located at the tip of an island bordering the Atlantic Ocean, South Beach is our little piece of paradise — and it's hardly a secret. People from all over the world flock here for the sandy beaches and flashy nightlife, but there's way more to this neighborhood than that.

As a city that predates Miami, the Grove has always marched to the beat of its own drum, mixing its early Bahamian influence with its modern bohemian vibe.

In our guide to Hialeah, we’re focusing on the people, places, and history of one of Miami's oldest cities. It's got a rep for being chaotic and in-your-face, but those who get to know the city know that’s all part of the charm. ¡Bienvenido a Hialeah!

Downtown is one of the fastest growing areas of the city, a place that looks and feels entirely different than it did even a couple years ago.

Welcome to low-key North Beach. It’s got a long stretch of beautiful sand, a vibrant history, quirky MiMo architecture, and fiercely loyal, diverse residents. It may be Miami's best-kept secret, at least for now.

Brickell is one of Miami’s densest and fastest growing neighborhoods, packed with condos, office buildings, and some of the city’s most iconic skyscrapers.

The lack of a grid and numbered streets may make Coral Gables seem harder to explore than the rest of the city, and there may be no more beautiful place in Miami to get lost.

South Dade, loosely defined as the area south of Palmetto Bay and extending down to the Everglades, is one of the most special parts of the county. Initially a mosquito-filled, marshy tropical wilderness, the region has evolved into a thriving agricultural and residential community. Pick some fresh strawberries, travel the lush bike trails, stop to gaze at gorgeous orchids, grab a warm cinnamon roll, and cool down with a delicious milkshake. These are just a few of the things you can do with an afternoon in South Dade.

Lincoln Road is the country’s second pedestrian district ever created. Every block is full of history and culture that reflect Miami’s evolution since 1912. There’s a mix of architectural designs all over the area, theater, art studios, restaurants for every craving and mood and community activities both locals and visitors can enjoy all year long. Walk, eat, observe and participate.