Made in Miami

There’s no pussyfooting around – Miami is producing the technological goods and the U.S. Gov has proven it!


Don’t think that Miami isn’t cranking out high tech goodies, because she is!

Below are just some of best technological inventions coming out of Miami.

There’s a lot of talk back and forth about whether Miami is – or will be – the new Silicon Valley, with a lot of the folks on either side of the debate being for or against the incoming tech businesses. But while all that yammering is going on, a lot of really good stuff is being produced in *Miami and patented.

Miami is the new silicone valley

Miamians are producing technology patents like the Florida orange groves produce citrus products. In July, alone, well over 100 patents were approved for the Miami area. Miami’s strongest patent focus is in the area of Healthcare and Research, where developers have produced a slew of helpful devices and methods to improve our lives – such as, a new treatment for excessive sweating conditions, a new treatment for emotional pain and insomnia, a game to help detect and improve lazy eye in children, a new robotics spine surgery system, a dental implant with a coded upper surface, a method for improving healthcare through social robotics, a new method and system for treating aneurysms, and one for treating ischemic heart disease, too, plus an external hand control for surgical power tools (and let’s hope we never have to see one!) and more.

In keeping up with the Miami spirit – everything isn’t all about work. Miamians have jumped on the fun technology patent wagon, too. They have patented a new golf swing training device, a new kind of fishing lure, a cellphone case that dispenses perfume, recycled yarn fun, two different sexual devices, a musical generating apparatus, and, for those flying first class, a new divan for aircrafts.

Utilitarian continues to be utmost on everyone’s mind, especially since the pandemic. Whatever we can have automated for us, to help us or alert us to disaster, we’re in. And Miami inventors have been busy creating. There’s a new smart firearm with components embedded in it that enable the firearm to determine if a user of the firearm is authorized to use it (and it enables or disables accordingly), plus it can send communication signals to the remote device of the owner. Other useful patents approved in July: a new wireless home phone that receives emergency alerts, a cleaning hand mitt with a selectively invertable scrubbing pad (because you never know!), a vehicle interior environment control device, a new emergency event detection and response system, and a new outage prevention for an electric power distribution grid using smart meter messaging.  Oh, there’s also the rigid piston valve that incorporates a solenoid (for those who actually know what a solenoid is!).

Now, for the Silicon Comes to Miami part – where Miamians are on the cutting edge of coding and technology patents and cranking out the best invention technologies – here are just a few patents (of the many) that we can try to explain (look at the list below to see if anything else makes sense to you – oh, those crafty coders!). A system and process for having wireless service value included in a SIM card, a digital wallet with installments and a combo-card, a machine for generating unstructured syntax, a system/apparatus/method for reducing/eliminating the ability of a smart speaker to hear or react to audible communications, a system and method for enabling reusable code across applications of different operating systems, new methods and apparatus for managing risk in digital communications, and a VoIP analog telephone system (hello, VoIP, it’s you again!)

So while everyone is debating about where Miami is on the tech scale, some real Miamians are out there, building, creating and devising to make things happen – whether some people like it or not. We suggest you peruse the list below, because we think you’ll like it. (I mean, come on! A cellphone case that dispenses perfume?!)

List of just SOME of the patents coming out of our amazing Miami brains! Technology & Innovation Miami Strong!

* The patents referenced below are either a Miamian invention, or a Miamian was part of the invention team.

Health and Research Patents

Binocular amblyopic therapy

Blood pump with impeller rinse operation

Combinations of opioid/TLR4 antagonists and acetaminophen for use in the treatment of emotional pain and insomnia

Compositions and methods for treating ischemic heart disease

Convertible examination table

Dental implant with coded upper surface

Elastic band resistance device and method for physical therapy and rehabilitation

External hand control for surgical power tool

Formulation for soft anticholinergic analogs – excessive sweating condition

Ingestible capsule device for collecting fluid aspirates

Interbody fusion system and methods

Medication identification label

Method for isolating cross-reactive aptamer and use thereof

Robotic spine surgery system and methods

Smart bandage for electrochemical monitoring and sensing using fabric-integrated data modulation

Surgical draping holster system

System and method for improving healthcare through social robotics

Systems and methods for treating aneurysms

Therapeutic uses of relacorilant, a heteroaryl-ketone fused azadecalin glucocorticoid receptor mod


Time-resolved positron emission tomography encoder system for producing real-time, high resolution, three dimensional positron emission tomographic image without the necessity of performing image reconstruction

VAD with intra-housing fluid access ports

Fun Patents

Apparatus, method, and computer-readable medium for generating musical pieces

Cellphone case that dispenses perfume

A newly designed fishing lure

Golf swing training device and method of use

Magnetic mount string light apparatus

Stimulation device

Suspended theater edge actuated seat moving machine

Suspended theater with edge actuators

Three-place berthing aircraft divan

Yarn manufactured from recycled clothing fibers and process for making same

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Useful Patents

Antenna assembly for portable radio

Automated plant sleeve production assembly

Automatic shutdown device for battery-powered electronics

Cleaning hand mitt with selectively invertable scrubbing pad

Device coupling for a motor

Emergency event detection and response system

Eyewear lens or optical film with decorative dichromic mirror pattern having variable opacity

Flexible eyewear assembly

Intermediate node to power submarine cable system

Managing content on a social network

Method and system to amplify and measure breath analytes

Outage prevention in an electric power distribution grid using smart meter messaging

Power transfer and harvesting system having anchor-shaped antennas

Rigid piston valve incorporating a solenoid

Rotationally deployed non-blocking firearm mirror accessory

Shape memory-based self-healing polymer composite reinforced with graphene foam

Sliding and rotatable vented damper for the control of a fluid through a conduit

Smart firearm

Systems and methods for repurposing paid time off

Utilizing IOT devices for detecting an emergency and locating a convenient parking space

Vehicle interior environment control

Wireless home phone configured for receiving emergency alerts

Technology / Coding Patents

Ambient project management

Apparatus, system and method for electronic gaming

Automated document filtration and priority scoring for document searching and access

Automated document filtration with machine learning of annotations for document searching and access

Codex search patterns

Codex search patterns virtual maestro

Computer system providing SAAS application session state migration features and related methods

Device and process for data throttling for wireless device

Digital wallet with installments and combo-card

Display panel or portion thereof with a transitional graphical user interface

Docking station accessory device for connecting electronic module devices to a package

Enhanced authentication method using dynamic geographical location information

Global motion estimation and modeling for accurate global motion compensation for efficient video processing or coding

Machine for generating unstructured syntax

Method and system for generating a virtual user interface related to a totem

Methods and apparatus for calibrating RFID readers and related RFID locationing systems

Methods and apparatus for managing risk in digital communications of the industrial internet of things

Secure messaging system with constrained user actions for ensured compliant transmission of sensitive information

Selecting a version of an application

Sensor based system and method for augmenting insurance claim filing

System and method for enabling reusable code across applications of different operating systems

System and method for gaining access of devices based on user’s identity

System and process for having wireless service value included in a SIM card

System, apparatus, and method for reducing or eliminating the ability of a smart speaker to hear or react to audible communications

Systems and methods for operating a display system based on user perceptibility

Systems and methods for providing remote desktop access

Totem controller having an illumination region

Transporter segmentation for data capture system

VoIP analog telephone system

Wireless service card having machine readable codes and device and process for use therewith

Visit the Miami Patent and Trademark Resource Center if you have some good ideas!

Research (and patent copy descriptions): patft.uspto.gov

Photo credit of cute cat: Manja Vitolic