Late to pretty much everything? Just blame it on Miami Time

This post is part of a series we’re calling Miamipedia, it’s a collection of people, words and phrases unique to our city that’ll help you #livelikeyoulivehere.

WHAT IS IT? A general understanding that events, meetings, workshops, party guest arrivals and just about any gathering of people in the greater Miami area will not be timely.

BUT WHY? It’s hard to say when and why everyone came to accept this and why people don’t judge late guests or get worked up about delayed starts to meetings, but there’s one obvious culprit: traffic. Whether it’s morning or afternoon rush hour; construction; chickens, roosters, or peacocks crossing an intersection; or an accident, our car-dependent city always has traffic. A commute from the western suburbs to downtown, or a drive from Little Haiti to Coconut Grove, could either be very quick or literally take two hours.

We’re not advocating that you show up late to everything (part of understanding Miami Time is knowing to give yourself extra commuting time) but know that you probably won’t be alone.

USAGE: “What time were we supposed to start?” “I think like 30 minutes ago, but it’s cool. We’ll tell them we’re running on Miami time.”

We’ll be rolling out more entries in the Miamipedia in the coming months but we know there’s stuff we haven’t thought about. Let us know in the comments or email [email protected] to tell us any other suuuper Miami terms, phrases and people we should include.