After Pulse: Miami’s LGBTQ leaders on how to help

The Pulse nightclub shooting has taught us one thing: despite some major victories for the LGBTQ community, like the national legalization of same-sex marriage, it’s still up against a lot of hate — hate so strong that it can be deadly. We asked four leaders in Miami’s LGBTQ community how their straight supporters in our community can be better allies, and stand in solidarity.

Tony Lima, the executive director of SAVE, suggested donating blood to the victims. He also suggested donating funds to The Center, an Orlando-based LGBTQ community organization providing financial support and relief to the victims and their families.  Victor Gimenez, the executive director of the MiFo LGBT Film Festival stressed the importance of building community and connecting with one another. 

They both, along with Caitlin Wood, the executive director of the Aqua Foundation for women, stressed the importance of supporting gay and trans rights legislation at the ballot box. “Use your voice to stand with us,” she challenged.

Victor Diaz-Herman, the executive director of Pridelines thinks “enough is enough,” and that it’s time to make serious gun reforms.

“The most important thing … is to not forget,” he said. “Use this as motivation so that it doesn’t happen again to anyone.”