Places in Miami that will help you find your zen

Don’t let Instagram fool you, Miami’s not all mimosas, beaches, and brunch.

With the crazy traffic and erratic drivers who never use their turn signals, the high cost of living keeping you perennially broke, and the summer heat beating down on you like you stole something, it can be tough to keep your chill in Miami.

We’re here to help. We came up with our favorite ways to keep it Zen AF in Miami, from our favorite places to meditate to the best places to escape the chaos of the daily hustle.

JoJo Tea Tasting Room:  This one-of-a-kind to Miami tea tasting room is the very definition of chill. In a small room meant to seat only eight people, you will indulge and experience tea in ways you probably never thought possible. Owner and founder, Michael Ortiz will instruct you in the art of a five thousand-year-old tradition with depth and passion. The teas also have  health benefits, but the best part is the calming effect that lingers after the cup is empty.

Flossie’s:  This little Downtown gem is unknown to many. But if you’re with it, you know that it’s not just a place to pick up your incense and crystals. Its inherent charm is enhanced by Flossie herself, who is warm, welcoming, sagacious and always ready with a book recommendation and great conversation. She is something like a mother and spiritual advisor to those who have frequented her shop for over 12 years. Come for the crystals, stay for the vibes.


The Standard Hotel & Spa: Nothing says zen in Miami like a day of bougie pampering at the Standard. Whether having a cocktail by the pool or sweating it out in the hammam, the Standard makes you feel like a celebrity on vacation. We know this kind of luxury can cause a hit to your wallet, but once in awhile it’s a great idea to treat yo self.

Paul S. Walker Urbanscape: In middle of Downtown, tucked away behind the rubble and roar of constant construction, is an urban oasis. Once you open the ornate gates to this little space, you’ll feel like you discovered a secret getaway. It’s got tables and chairs, foliage, and a waterfall to add to the ambiance. It’s hardly ever crowded and is the perfect place to sit and enjoy a quiet lunch outside of the office.

Bagua Center: Part and parcel of the quaint neighborhood of Buena Vista is Bagua Center. They offer your essential crystals, incense, and spiritual books in a beautiful, relaxing setting. But it’s much more than that. First, their garden out back is a little slice of paradise, lush and welcoming.  The best part however, is that they offer classes and workshops daily on everything from sound healing to reiki wisdom circles.

Kampong: This is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in Miami. The Kampong is a nine acre botanical garden in Coconut Grove with a stunning array of tropical fruits and plant life. The staff is happy to teach you about all of the incredible things living and growing there. But it’s also pretty  perfect for a picnic spread, meditation session, or chill day by the water. If you can’t get away on vacation, this is as close as you’ll get without leaving Miami

Thai Buddhist Center: In the heart of Homestead is the gorgeous Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist temple, where the community can attend services if they please. The monks that reside in the temple encourage the public to come and spend time with them, enjoy a quiet, reflective moment in the temple, or participate in their events. If real zen is what you’re after, this the obvious first step.

Majestical Lips: For anything and everything needed for a healthy, holistic lifestyle this spot in Little Haiti is the go-to. They have your herbs, apothecary needs, teas, kombucha and even fresh coconuts. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and more than able and willing to guide you to whatever you might need to assist your body, mind and soul. Best part: They have one of the best poetry nights in town every third Friday, so inspiration is included in the package

2BeHealthy: The lowkey neighborhood of Buena Vista is clearly where it’s at when you’re seeking that zen lifestyle. 2BeHealthy is a holistic center that focuses specifically on preventative, restorative and affordable health services. They also specialize in a treatment called body talk, where they use something called  muscular biofeedback to help ease your ills. Sounds like new age malarkey, and even if your mind tells you no, your body, yeah your body will tell you yes.

Zen AF: If you don’t have time to attend that reiki or yoga class, take a trip to a local botanical garden, or do a chakra alignment —we get that. Maybe just remember to breathe. And for that we recommend simply hanging up one of these badass Zen AF prints from Bohemian Riot up on the wall. Not only are they designed by local artist and designer, Arlene Delgado, but these prints were also featured on Buzzfeed’s list of best gifts to get your foul-mouthed friends. So yes, they are totally gorgeous and would make your space look rad, but it would also serve as a daily reminder to keep calm and carry on, Miami.