Miguel Eizmendiz

Miami-Dade County



University of Havana (B.A., Business Administration)

Worked on previous campaigns, included one in Hialeah that was successful.

Why are you running?

I am stressed and tired of the government corruption. So many politicians ignore their residents.

Why are you best qualified?

Because I believe it. In my political platform I am promising the voters options that they’ve never been offered. In reality, the person who has the political power is not the politician, it’s the voter. With their vote, politicians do have economic power.

What are the biggest challenges Miami is facing?

Fundamentally, the corruption is the worst. You need to be ashamed by it. For example, the traffic lights, one of the principle owners of the company is the son of Gimenez.  They’re making so much money and he’s one of the heads of the company and he’s related to our current mayor. Editor’s note: Actually, Mayor Gimenez’s son previously worked as a lobbyist on behalf of American Traffic Solutions, which handles many of the county’s traffic lights.

How do you propose solving them?

It’s simple, to solve esa tonteria we need to lead an investigation into Gimenez. Right now, we need to get him out.

What makes Miami so damn cool?

I love you Miami. I’ve been here 35 years and I love doing everything.

What can Miami-Dade do to prepare for sea level rise and protect our natural environment?

To me, it seems that one of the countries that could give us a lot of help, at least in advice, is England. London could help us. We need to look into clean energy.

Why is the rent so high?

In reality, the answer is natural because simply there is no method to prevent it from happening. And the person who is renting it isn’t going to do that. The government has to, and the government doesn’t care. We need rent control.

Is there anything that can be done to fix our transit system and get traffic under control?

It doesn’t make any sense to have a larger transportation running north to south. Can you imagine the billions and billions of dollars it would cost to put in a metro that runs north to south? We can’t do it. We live in the place that our suelo is sand and in sand you can’t make tunnels. That’s the answer. You can’t make a metro because the tunnels can’t go under the sand. Here, unfortunately you can’t have tunnels.

They did a huge error with limiting the MetroRail to downtown. If they would have connected it to the Beach, they’d be better.  There’s a lack of culture around public transportation. They should increase the buses. Right now, it doesn’t make sense to use them because they run infrequently. So, we need more buses.

How do you feel about the county’s campaign finance system?

The answer is easy, no economic power supports me. I am against that. Absolutely none. It’s not the case of the other candidates who are supported by others receiving millions of dollars. They have their reasons. But I just ask the support of the voters who read my political platform and then decide.

If you had a $100 budget to spend on the city, how would you spend it?