Are you attending the Women’s March on Washington? Tell us why.

On January 21, the day after Donald Trump is sworn in as the nation’s 45th president, 1 million women will march in protest from the Lincoln Memorial to the White House. The march, the first of its kind, was organized on Facebook in November just after election day.

Now there are 58 organizing groups in individual states, as well as in cities around the world. The Miami-Dade Women’s March on Washington page has almost 800 members already. If you’re planning on going, we’d love to know what inspired you to hit the road. Tell us about it below.

Why are you attending the Women's March on Washington?

  • Give us deets. How are you getting there? When did you start planning your trip? Why is it important for you to attend? Be sure to add your name and e-mail so we can follow up if we've got any questions.

Editor’s note: The name of the march was changed from the Million Women’s March to the Women’s March on Washington. We’ve updated the article to reflect this.