Finding love in Miami can be tough, so we decided to dive into the issue

We know, we know — love is hard.

Whether you’ve got a steady boo or are single and ready to mingle, the topics of love, sex, and relationships are never easy to navigate. We know Miami doesn’t exactly have a great reputation when it comes to finding love, and that’s not even factoring in the role that technology and social media play in our modern dating world.

So we spent a few weeks in February diving into all things related to modern love in the 305: We talked with dating coaches about the idea of Miamians being too shallow to find love, took a look at the wild world of dating apps, and even spoke with a love doctor who gave us tips on how to keep your sex life interesting.

And in case you thought it was all doom and gloom don’t worry, we shared a few reader-submitted tiny love stories that we’re sure will melt even the weariest of hearts (or at least give you a chuckle).