Miami pitches its favorites on National Beer Day

Yesterday was National Beer Day, so we took on the tough tax of visiting some of Miami’s favorite places for a brew.

Over the last several years the city has witnessed the birth of some truly top-notch breweries, with beers like Pop’s Porter from Wynwood Brewing going on to win national recognition.

In honor of National Beer Day, we took to the streets of Wynwood to find out what craft beers have earned a following at Wynwood Brewing, J. Wakefield, and Box Elder.

Luis Brignoni, founder and head brewer at Wynwood Brewing

Favorite beer(s): IPAs

I love making IPAs. I love the smell. It has a sweet,  hoppy deliciousness. I’m celebrating National Beer Day by working, but I will definitely have one right after!

Austin Beckett, drinking at Wynwood Brewing

Favorite beer: Hot Joe

“Hot Joe is my favorite because it tastes like coffee – but this one will get you drunk!”

Chelsea Kinjorski, drinking at J. Wakefield

Favorite beer: Hop for Teacher

“I love coming to J. Wakefield. Their customer service is the best. The beer is the best. The depth of the flavor and what they are offering is amazing. It’s the whole package. I really like all of their IPAs, especially the Hop for Teacher. You have that hop flavor that hits you in the face but it’s never too much. It has a great finish. Coming from Michigan, which is huge beer state, what you’re getting here at breweries like J. Wakefield and Funky Buddha is definitely up there when it comes to the craft beer scene.”

Jacob Cross, a bartender at J. Wakefield

Favorite beer: Haboob hits Miami, Hop for Teacher

“It’s a collaboration beer we made with Arizona Wilderness. A haboob is actually a sandstorm, which I didn’t know. And since they were coming over here to brew with us, they were bringing their sandstorm mentality. Like storming in on Miami, so we thought ‘Haboob Hits Miami.’ It’s a Flanders ale, which is a sour red ale, and we used sour cherries and that gives it a nice tartness and a sweetness on the finish.  …

After working a 12-hour shift, what I really want to take to the face is our IPA called Hop For Teacher. It’s such a good IPA. You get a nice citrus flavor. It goes great with the hot weather. It’s so drinkable, so when you work a long day you can take it down really easily.”

Zeke Maniera, bartender at Box Elder

Favorite beer: MIA Mega Mix

“My favorite is the MIA Mega Mix. I like ales and IPAs and it’s one of the most solid. It’s piney, floral, hoppy, but not too strong. It’s one you can actually take to the beach.”