What you need to know to go to New World Symphony with us

Classical music isn’t dead, and Miami’s buzzing symphonic scene is proof. And yet, with musical innovators and creators like New World Symphony (NWS) and Nu Deco Ensemble on the scene, we still find ourselves running into folks who haven’t experienced it for one reason or another.

Here’s your chance to join us for NWS’ latest, the sold-out Musicians’ Forum: Creative Combos on Monday, March 13. We’ve reserved 20 seats for the unique, chamber-style concert. But before you sign up, here’s the lowdown onfellow what to expect.

What makes a Musicians’ Forum

New World Symphony’s Musicians’ Forums are intimate, chamber-style concerts. They’re free and the music is programmed by the Fellows of NWS.

A chamber concert is a form of classical music performance composed for a small group of instrumentalists, which typically range from a soloist to a group of around eight musicians – think the number who could comfortably play in a large room or a palace chamber, which is where the term “chamber concert” comes from.

What makes Musicians’ Forums different

NWS comprises highly gifted graduates from some of the world’s most prestigious music programs. The symphony’s goal is to prepare them for leadership roles in other orchestras and ensembles.

“[Musicians’ Forums] are an opportunity for Fellows to organize chamber groups themselves and perform whatever they would like,” said Masha Popova, flutist and member of the Musicians’ Forum Committee. “For that reason these concerts are usually a unique variety of music. We’ve had performances done with dancers over Internet2, small chamber orchestra performances, folk music groups perform, as well as a variety of standard and nonstandard chamber music.”

Consider it a form of peacocking, if you will. The Fellows are the ones who organize and compose these performances, so they’ll be strutting their musical stuff – kind of like a classical jam band.

The theme for this Forum is “Creative Combos” – creative combinations of different styles of music ranging from classical to contemporary, using various techniques and perspectives. Think cellos playing tangos.

This one is extra special as it’s in partnership with Friends of New World Symphony, its premier young patrons group, giving you the chance to rub shoulders with some of Miami’s biggest young movers and shakers.

What you’ll need

Nothin’. We’ve got the seats covered; all you gotta do is reserve yours on our event page? before the 20 spots get filled up. As for what to wear, we get it: It’s after work and you don’t have time to break out the black tie. No problemo, come as you are. Enjoying a good piece of classical music isn’t the stuffy affair you might have thought.

Reserve your spot and we’ll meet up with you in the lobby of New World Center! See you at the symphony!

By The New Tropic Creative Studio
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