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May 24 2019

😋 Where to find vegan BBQ this weekend

Plus, how to get active in Little Haiti

Happy happy Friday, folks! Whether you’re planning to reflect on and honor the soldiers and service members we’ve lost during this holiday weekend, relaxing for the next few days, or just looking to party — we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of activities happening this weekend, where to find some read more

May 23 2019

🌱 How to grow a mango on your balcony

Plus, the locals looking to reframe Memorial Day weekend

Hey hey, it’s Thursday! And we’re jumping in with some news you can use. If you’ve ever been jealous of your house-dwelling co-worker’s mango haul while you look out from the 17th floor of an apartment building, there’s good news.

The trick is to buy “condo” or “dwarf” mangoes that can grow, produce some fruit, and not req
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May 22 2019

😮 It all started with a rotting papaya

Plus, Florida Democrats’ $4 million plan

Happy Hump Day, Miami! If you’re wondering about the rotting papaya stuff just keep on scrolling down to learn more (trust us). But first, we’ve got great news for all the Andreas out there.

The first named storm of 2019 ended up weakening and dissolving yesterday before it could pose a threat to the U.S. It did, however, read more

May 21 2019

🗣️Why folks are talking about Miami Gardens

Plus, info on a Gables hidden gem

Welcome to Tuesday! We hope you’ve got a better outlook for the rest of your week than this ESPN analyst has for the Miami Dolphins this season. Mike Clay said, based on way-too-early score predictions, that the Fins will win anywhere from about three to literally no games next season. Ouch.

Well, even though things aren’t
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May 20 2019

🍩 This donut shop is headed south

Plus, a look at some home movies from Havana

Welcome to a new week, Miami! We’re kicking off with some sweet news, especially for folks on the southern end of the 305.

Mega-popular spot Salty Donut is opening a new location in South Miami this Friday and the grand opening will feature giveaways, and a special edition rum-cake “croughnut.”

The Wynwood location is known for long
read more

May 17 2019

😋This longtime sandwich spot is expanding

Plus, your tips on enjoying the simple things

Hey hey, and welcome to Friday! We’ve got good news for fans of La Sandwicherie who don’t want to head to South Beach or Downtown for their late-night sandwich fix.

The restaurant is planning to open two new locations in Wynwood and North Beach in July and August.

And while we’re talking about good food and good vibes, we wanted to sh
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May 16 2019

🚄 Here’s how to get a $5 ride on Brightline

Plus, the question we’ll answer about Little Haiti

Thursday has arrived, folks! And we wanted to say thanks to everyone who came through to last night’s Living in Little Havana event. It was an artsy, and very tasty, night.

And it was a good moment to celebrate as we reckon with some big national news…

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May 15 2019

😮 This Miami connection goes to Stonehenge

Plus, a look at who first called the Freedom Tower home

Welcome to Wednesday! We’re starting off with a great update from the folks behind Wynwood Yard. In Tuesday’s newsletter we had a story about how their “magical space” sign went missing after the space closed down earlier this month.

Well, thankfully someone returned the sign to the Yard and wrote
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May 14 2019

🎭 See how ‘Hamilton’ inspired this Miami summit

Plus, how to party with us in Little Havana

Hey hey, it’s Tuesday! And that means we’re only a day away from tasting the flavors of Little Havana at our Living in Little Havana event. There will be treats from awesome spots like Churromania of Little Havana, read more

May 13 2019

👀Why all eyes will be on the Arsht Center

Plus, help us explore Little Haiti’s history

Welcome to the week, Miami! For everyone seeing this at the top of the morning, we want to let you know about a super cool radio show produced by local artist and photographer Kerry McLaney.

The show 305 Creative: Stories is airing online on Jolt Radio at 9 a.m., and Kerry’s guest this week is the choreographer and founder behind a local dance collective called Pioneer Winter. If you miss today
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