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Mar 21 2019

🎉 What do parties and affordable housing have in common?

Plus, come eat tacos with us

Hey party people, it’s Friday Jr.! The weekend is almost here and between next weekend’s Ultra Music Festival, Miami Music Week, and spring break, Miami is pretty much in party (and traffic) mode.

But while revelers have descended upon our fair city to drink, dance and brawl, local people are still getting some work done…like tackling our affordable housing problem. That’s wh
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Mar 20 2019

❄️ A taste of winter in Miami

Plus, gyms for women seeking a safe space to work out

Welcome to Wednesday, y’all! We know yesterday was a bit rainy and gloomy but the forecast says the sun should come out tomorrow. Until then, you’ll probably want to keep the jacket and umbrella handy, just in case.

And if the rainy weather is messing up your outdoor plans, maybe you should consider spending a little time at this cool spot in West Kendall…

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Mar 19 2019

💪 Here’s how a community became “comadres”

Plus, wanna work with us?

Hello and Happy Tuesday! We often get comments from you guys about how much you love The New Tropic (and we love you right back!).

Now there’s an opportunity to take your love to the next level and join us in our mission of building community, telling powerful stories and helping locals #livelikeyoulivehere. We have a position open for an engagement producer. Find out more about it and if you think you might be a good fit, apply read more

Mar 18 2019

🎂Here’s how to score a colada cake

Plus, info on a grant to help build Miami’s future

Welcome to a new week! And if you’re looking for a sweet start to this week’s grind check out The Office Cake. It’s run by a local couple and they make everything from the basics to a chocolate/vanilla “colada cake” topped with Cuban coffee.

The company also delivers around Miami, so even if it’s not a co-worker’s birthday
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Mar 15 2019

⛸️ Where you should roll up this weekend

Plus, the questions we’ll be exploring in West Kendall

The weekend is almost here, y’all. But first, we wanted to take a moment to remember the victims of last year’s FIU bridge collapse. There’s been a few more answers but still plenty of questions remaining in the year since that fateful day.

The school is hosting a moment of silence this afternoon at the main campus in Sweetwater, and you can find more info read more

Mar 14 2019

👗 This woman fights FOMO with fashion

Plus, our members can fly!

Hello there! It’s Thursday! For Women’s History Month, we are featuring inspirational women pursuing their passions, pushing boundaries and setting examples for the rest of us. So today we want to introduce you to a Miami-born fashion designer who overcame her fears of launching a business to help busy women simplify their lives and not miss out.

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Mar 13 2019

🤔What should we explore in West Kendall?

Plus, why you may want to pace yourself this weekend

Hello and Happy Hump Day! We’ve got some tips for those of you looking to party for St. Patty’s Day this weekend. But before we get to that, we’ve got some good news for Ursula K. They’ve won a pair of tickets to tomorrow’s Slow Food Miami: Snail of Approval tasting party!

And now let’s take a look out west…

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Mar 12 2019

👀 A lady walking a dog and a drug deal on the corner

Plus, win tickets to this locally sourced food fest

Hey, friends! Welcome to Tuesday! Remember when Lincoln Road was sketchy with drug deals around the corner? No? Read on for a first hand account. But before we get to that, let’s talk about food.

We’ve got a pair of tickets to Slow Food Miami’s 8th Annual “Snail of Approval” tasting party where you get to sample locally sourced dishes
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Mar 11 2019

💪This group wants Miami to plan less and do more

Plus, let us know your questions about West Kendall

Welcome to a new week! After spending time exploring and highlighting the history and culture of Overtown and Liberty City, we’re showcasing some of the people, places, and anything else you all are curious about in West Kendall.

So, help us help you. Let u
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Mar 08 2019

🍦Come for the ice cream, stay for the sushi

Plus, where to celebrate International Women’s Day

Hey hey, and Happy International Women’s Day!

If you’re looking for places to celebrate or join some engaging discussions around town,  check out this list of official events and search for Miami. There’s coffee meetings, a pop-up fair featurin
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