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Jan 17 2019

🍺 Croquetas and beer, what could go wrong?

Plus, party with us at Lil’ Greenhouse Grill

Hey there!, it’s Thursday! Here is a little something fun to put in your calendar. We’ve spent the past few weeks spotlighting the historic Overtown neighborhood and we want to celebrate by inviting you to a Lil Greenhouse Grill Talk and Tasting with Chef Karim Bryant a
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Jan 16 2019

☀️ Why some sunscreen is being banned

Plus, I-95’s legacy in Overtown

Hey there! Happy Wednesday!  As purveyors of Miami art and culture, we wanted to let you know about an event that features both tonight. It’s the opening of a photo exhibition by Miami street photographer Terence Price, who uses his camera to show a different side of Miami. You can find out more about T
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Jan 15 2019

🍰Meet the locals making some really good baklava

Plus, tell us what affordable housing question we should dig into.

Welcome to Tuesday! The federal government shutdown has continued to significantly impact workers and services at agencies ranging from the TSA to Miami’s immigration court. And as many of those government workers go without pay, a few local museums and
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Jan 14 2019

💈This Miami staple is closing soon

Plus, how to get a taste of Harvard with a Miami spin.

It’s Monday! If binging the “American Crime Story” tale of Gianni Versace has you interested in exploring his old mansion, you’re in luck. The New York sushi spot Sushi by Bou is opening a location in his South Beach mansion where you can get treated to a fancy spread of fish and sake.

Or you could just pick up some Publix sushi and keep binging the show at home – no judgment.

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Jan 11 2019

💩The crappy situation Miami is facing

Plus, the force behind Overtown’s Folklife Fridays.

You made it to Friday! And in case you missed it, we rummaged through a stranger’s recycling bin with Jeanmarie Massa, who works for Miami-Dade County’s solid waste department. She gave us a bunch of tips on how to recycle right.

Pro tip: If you collect your recyclables in a bag, be sure to toss them in the bin without the bag. If not the whole bag could be tossed when it gets to a recycling
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Jan 10 2019

🌿 Why marijuana arrests have gone up

Plus, a Cuban sandwich pizza?

Hey there! Happy Thursday! The week is winding down and if you keep scrolling down we’ve got info on a cool bike tour that will let you see Miami in a new way. And there’s a Miami-themed pizza that you are definitely not going to want to miss.

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Jan 09 2019

😭 Why some new voters are crying

Plus, what’s up with the new LaCroix “Miami” flavors

Hey there! It’s Hump Day! As always, we’ve got lots of goodies for you and the latest news you need to know. And just in case you haven’t looked at the weather forecast, don’t forget to bundle up today. Temperatures are dropping into the 50s. In other words, it’s freezing outside.

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Jan 08 2019

📝Why Florida just got a pretty bad grade

Plus, this artist wants to bring a new attraction to Liberty City.

Happy Tuesday! You’ve still got until the end of the day to let us know what question you want us to dig into about Overtown’s history and culture.

Head here for the list of the four finalists and to cast your vote. We’ll let you know the winning question in tomorrow’s newsletter!

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Jan 07 2019

🎄Where to recycle your Christmas tree

Plus, a podcast about that time of the month.

Hey there! If you’ve been a little slow in taking down your Christmas decorations maybe this list can provide a little inspiration. Here are the spots across Miami where you can recycle your Christmas tree. The locations are open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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Jan 04 2019

🍕 What not to do with that greasy pizza box

Plus, we like Big Mutts (and we can’t lie)

Hey there! Friday has arrived.  It was a short week for those of us returning from the holiday break, but we are always jazzed about Friday. And speaking of jazz, the South Beach Jazz Festival is happening this weekend with cool performances at venues all around South Beach, most of which are free and open to the public. Here’s the schedule if you wanna check it out.

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