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Oct 17 2018

🗳️ We’re breaking down your ballot, starting today.

Plus, the home run sculpture is OUT.

Good morning! It’s Wednesday, early voting starts on Monday, and our voter guide is now here for you as you try to make your way through that monster of a ballot.

Forget the political ads and the campaign mailers clogging up your recycling bin, and just keep an eye on this newsletter for the next few days as we break down the Miami, Miami Beach, and county referenda; state amendments
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Oct 16 2018

🕉️ Here’s 21 chances to get zen

Plus, a look at Miami’s underground food market.

Happy Tuesday! Are you looking for a little zen with all the craziness in the world these days? We don’t blame you, and we’ve got a potential remedy for ya.

We’ve got three tickets to give away to the Modern Om Cushion Crawl Challenge that starts next Monday, Oct. 22. 🙌

You and two friends can be part of a three-week meditation challenge that bounces all over the 305. Tickets include access to any of the 21
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Oct 15 2018

🌊An update on red tide

Plus, this local is making his Downtown dream a reality.

Oh heyyyy! It’s Monday, and here’s the thing: we’re growing, again. WhereBy.Us, our parent company, is looking for a social producer and a senior producer with a knack for social media and storytelling. You’ll work on The New Tropic, as well as our sister publications in Seattle, Portland, and Orlando, and you can do it from Miami or pret
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Oct 12 2018

🎃These pumpkin patches are gourd-geous

Plus, a billboard with a big message

You made it to Friday! And while the rest of the U.S. may be pulling out its sweaters and getting cozy with a pumpkin spice latte this weekend, we are thoroughly #notimpressed with that fall icon.

Turns out we’re dead last in the U.S. when it comes to love for America’s most basic coffee beverage – at least according to how often we tweet about PSLs. Probably because we̵
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Oct 11 2018

🚗 This is where your toll money actually goes.

Plus, it’s the second most wonderful time of year.

Hey there! It’s Thursday, and if you need a little inspo, we suggest you catch tonight’s discussion about the upcoming play “One Night in Miami.

The play tells the story of the night in 1964 that Cassius Clay won the heavyweight title in Miami, and what happened when he went back to his hotel on the mainland (because African-Americans couldn’t stay
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Oct 10 2018

🦀Here’s a chance to eat all the seafood you can handle.

Plus, we had some voter registration struggles yesterday.

Oh hey there! It’s Wednesday, and we’ve got a pair of VIP tickets to give away to South Beach Seafood Festival next Saturday, Oct. 20th. 🦀🙌

The tickets include access to an open bar, food vouchers to use at participating festival restaurants and dessert stations, all the food samples, and some dance parties, plus much more. The pair is worth $300, and we’ll give ‘em away to a reader who introduces at least one new subscriber to The New Tropic today. 💪

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Oct 09 2018

👻“I’m a ghost person”

Plus, don’t throw away your shot at these tickets.

Hey it’s Tuesday! And it’s a really important day: the last day to register to vote for the Nov. 6 midterm elections.

You’ve got until the end of the day to register. Here’s where you can get it done online. Need more info on how to register? Find that here. Make it happen, Miami. (And remind a friend or two!)
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Oct 08 2018

💰No good deed goes unpunished

Plus, why are we voting on raises for teachers anyway?

Hey hey, it’s Monday! It was a tough weekend in the 305 with the threat of red tide hanging over our beaches. Beaches were emptier than normal, and some people were even complaining about throat irritation after spending time by the water.

If you’re watching the red tide closely, here’s a rundown of ways to keep tabs on the latest reports. And if you want to really take action, w
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Oct 05 2018

☀️Where to find a slice of paradise (that isn’t the beach)

Plus, what this red tide means for you.

You made it to Friday! And with only five more days until the deadline to register to vote, there’s a couple cool voter registration events going down tonight. Over at Gramps, comedian Eric Andre is hosting a rally and variety show that’ll include some guest performances and DJs. And at The Anderson, there will be a similar event featuring a DJ set from Wyclef J
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Oct 04 2018

🚨Red alert on red tide

Plus, an artist who *really* loves our lifeguard stands.

Happy Thursday! If you’re looking for a book rec, then maybe add “The Drummer of Miami Beach” to your list. It’s a memoir by Joey Maya about his life and times as a drummer in SoFlo’s music scene in the ‘80s and ‘90s. You can also catch him at Books and Books discussing the book later this month.

And while we’re talking Miami
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