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Aug 16 2018

👑 How Queen Aretha turned this local studio into a Hit Factory

Plus, where you should be if you like soul food, funk bands, and brews.

Good morning! It’s been quite the week, and this prickly parrot just might be our spirit animal this morning. But we get a lot happier when we think about one of our upcoming events…

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Aug 15 2018

🥤The Cooking Channel came to Miami for this milkshake.

Plus, Jon Secada takes us to Hialeah.

Happy Hump Day! We’re two days into that new “Diverging Diamond” interchange, and so far, no one has crashed. 🎉

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Aug 14 2018

🤳It’s hard out here for an Instagram influencer

Plus, is it worth $100 to give up your car?

Happy Tuesday! How you doin’?

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Aug 13 2018

💰What to do if your SunPass balance looks funky

Plus, the polls are open.

Welcome to Monday! Early voting begins today, so if you’re ready to cast your ballot, why not get it done?  Here’s all the info you need on when and where to vote. Remember: take a selfie with your “I voted” sticker, not your ballot.

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Aug 10 2018

🌀You can breathe a sigh of relief.

Plus, a knock on the 836 extension.

Happy Friday! You made it. 💪

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Aug 09 2018

😲 Think twice if these folks knock on your door.

Plus, Magic Leap finally took the leap.

Happy Thursday! We’re in the throes of election season, and between our selfie queen congressional candidate and another who says she once hung out with aliens, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that SoFlo does campaigning a little… differently.

But have you hear
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Aug 08 2018

🤣Apparently Miami *really* loves the Daily Show.

Plus, some serious shadiness in a local Senate campaign.

Good morning!! We were going to announce here that free tickets are available for some Daily Show screenings here in the 305 in October, but within 24 hours of being announced, those tickets were gone. Sheesh.

It’s alright though – as long as we get to hear Trevor Noah skewer Florida’s crazy politics, we’re good.

Speaking of crazy politics…

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Aug 07 2018

🍎Do it for the kids.

Plus, big news for Miami’s startup scene.

Happy Tuesday! Today is all about the kids.

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Aug 06 2018

🙌We’re hype about this Little Haiti spot

Plus, we’re breaking down some stuff on your ballot.

Welcome to Monday! We know, we know, the official video for Drake’s “In My Feelings” dropped last week. But don’t get carried away like the #FloridaMan who got hit by a car trying to do the #InMyFeelings challenge.

He says it was worth it, but we’re skeptical.

Now, we’ve got the breakdown on a few things that’ll be
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Aug 03 2018

🔬From amoebas to ice buckets

Plus, what’s a diverging diamond?

It’s finally Friday! And today is the start of the tax-free weekend aimed at back-to-school shopping. The sales tax discount applies to school supplies and most clothes and shoes.

But there’s a big change this year — tech items like printer paper and computers aren’t eligible. Well, there’s always the library.

And speaking of school, we want to tell you about what FIU’s up to on Miam
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