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Looking for more? Cap the weekend off with this exploding vagina sculpture that goes up on Sunday.

While all this is going on, art handlers are frantically getting all that multimillion dollar artwork in place for the main event. Last year, we learned how it all goes down.

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🌴 Chef Michael Schwartz's Amara Pop Up
Get a taste of Miami Art Week like never before with a table at Miami's quintessential waterfront restaurant from its quintessential chef.


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So fresh and so clean. At least one creaky, leaky, often-late Metrorail car is gonna be taken permanently off the rails – Miami-Dade Transit launched its first fancy new train yesterday, the first in 33 years. It’s the first step in a multi-year overhaul that should significantly cut down on chronic delays. (Miami Herald)

G.O.A.T. Remember the “Chainsaw Nun” we all met after Hurricane Irma? She is way more than the badass lady who picked up a chainsaw and hacked up her school’s storm debris rather than wait for city officials. WLRN has the full story.

Silver lining. Entrepreneurs are waking up to how tech can help the elderly, and several South Florida startups are leading the charge. Americans over 65 already make up 13 percent of the population, and that’s expected to grow to 19 percent by 2030, so figuring out new ways to help abeulo and abuela is not just nice, it’s good business. (Miami Herald)

Cash money. Our most expensive hurricane season on record ended yesterday. Harvey and Irma alone cost about $200 billion, and Hurricane Maria is estimated to have caused at least $45 billion in damage. The previous record was $211.2 billion, the year Katrina hit. But at least we (hopefully) learned a couple things: you don’t need to BUY water before a storm, we should not rely on Amazon’s two-day delivery promise in a crisis, and you’re gonna get guilted by SOMEONE, whether you evacuate or stay put. (NBC 6, Miami.com)

Not For-Everglades. The International Union for Conservation of Nature just released its report on the status of natural wonders around the world, and our beloved Everglades is the only one in the U.S. considered to be in “critical” danger. The biggest threat? All the manmade waterways across the region that were built to drain land for farming and development. (Miami New Times)

VROOM. Formula One, the world’s most famous auto racing league, is scoping out downtown Miami for a new Grand Prix, aka car race. Potential courses include the PortMiami tunnel and the MacArthur Causeway. (Miami Herald)

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🎉 LUSH at Fancy Nasty Studios
12/2: Kick off Art Basel w/ a warehouse dance party ft. 10 local artists as they transform Fancy Nasty Studios into "paradise found."


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🎉  Dec. 4: Celebrate the arts in Miami
PAMM + Frost Science + free performances to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Knight Foundation's Knight Arts Challenge. Free, RSVP now.


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Rest up this weekend. Next week is gonna be one for the books.

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