🍾 We had a great time with you this year.

🍾 We had a great time with you this year.

According to Instagram, these are our top 9 photos of the year, which tells us that you love the new Museum of Ice Cream, net neutrality, Moonlight, sassy political signs, the Frost Museum of Science, protests, crazy summer thunderstorms. (Want your own top nine? You can get them here.)

We knew we liked you. 😗

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So much happened in 2017 that it was hard to narrow this list down, but these eight things were especially memorable, and will probs continue to shape the 305 for years to come.

🌀 Hurricanes Irma and Maria hit Florida and the Caribbean

😲  Miami-Dade abandoned its sanctuary city status

🚍  Miami-Dade changed its mind about slashing the transit budget (civic activism, FTW!)

🤓  The Frost Museum of Science opened

🗳️  Miami and Miami Beach elected new leadership

🙅‍  The #MeToo movement took down state and local leaders

⚾  Derek Jeter bought the Marlins

🙌  The Hurricanes brought us a killer season

Click through for more info on what went down and what it means for the 305.

Things to do

Here is a guide from Miami.com to free celebrations. Miami New Times has a list of top parties if you’re lookin’ to splash out, plus this massive list of parties happening all over the 305. And Indulge has a guide to buying champagne if you’re throwin’ it down at a house party.


For real this time. Have we mentioned yet how grateful we are to have another year with you? Well, we are. And we can’t wait to kick ass with you in 2018.

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