️🗳️ What you need to know for the special election

️🗳️ What you need to know for the special election

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About that special election. A couple months ago, Frank Artiles, then a state senator, made a couple racist, sexist comments about his Senate colleagues. So he got pushed to resign. Now his District 40 seat is empty, so we’re having a special election to fill it. The primary is Tuesday. We’ve got the deets on the candidates in our voter guide. (P.S. House District 116 candidate info on Thursday.)

Let’s talk bus rapid transit. Miami-Dade Mayor Gimenez pulled a little switcheroo this week and said that all but one of the new transit corridors in his SMART Plan should probably be bus rapid transit, not the rail he promised when he ran for reelection (and that people paid that half-cent tax for). People were NOT pleased. But do you actually know what bus rapid transit is? (Pro tip: It’s not the South Miami-Dade Busway.) Read up. And discuss.

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Jazzin’ it up. We’re working on a guide for to the best spots to catch some live jazz in Miami. The suggestions are rolling in. Got some of your own? Share them with us.

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What's new in the 305

BFD. Matt Haggman, the Knight Foundation’s program director for Miami, has resigned after five years on the job playing a pivotal role in turning Miami into an entrepreneurship hub. His associate will serve as interim director. We don’t think he has a twin. (Miami Herald, The Plantain)

Buy some ear plugs. Increasingly neighborhood-y Downtown is not coexisting so well with the 24-hour nightclubs that have called Northeast 11th Street home for years. The clubs have been slapped with a whole bunch of noise citations, which they say are mostly BS. (Miami Herald)

FINALLY. Miami-Dade promised a park next to American Airlines Arena years ago. Instead we got a parking lot. Now Parcel B has finally been turned into the park that it was meant to be. (Curbed)

Tragedy. Alton Banks, a 10 year-old who collapsed at home last month, may be one of the youngest victims of the opioid crisis. He had Fentanyl in his system when he died. No one knows how Alton was exposed to the drug, but just touching a tiny amount can be deadly. (WLRN, Miami Herald)

Let’s all poke Marco Rubio. Facebook is rolling out a Town Hall feature to make it super simple for voters to follow and contact their lawmakers. It will also allow lawmakers to target groups in their district and take feedback directly via Facebook. (WLRN)

The bell rings… and everybody stays in their seats. Because apparently recess can happen right at your desk, according to the Florida Department of Education. A new state law requires 20 minutes of recess, but doesn’t specify where it has to happen. (AP)

Tricked. When Miami-Dade abandoned its sanctuary city status this year, county commissioners asked for policies that would prevent police from acting as immigration enforcers. But turns out there are huge loopholes that allow officers to report potentially undocumented residents. (Miami New Times)

Operation Alligator Thief. 16 alligators in a pickup truck, tens of thousands of dollars, nine arrests…Take a peek into the state’s crazy underground alligator poaching and selling culture. (Miami New Times)

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