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The latest at the new tropic

Part II. Our profiles for the House District 116 special election primary are out. Early voting is open now through Sunday, and Tuesday is the actual election. Read up and get informed. ICYMI, we put out profiles for Senate District 40, the other race on the ballot, yesterday.

Get in formation. Miami’s at the top of a lot of not-so-great lists, including pretty much any list about income inequality. But there are a lot of local groups that are actually doing something about it. They just need a hand. Get to know them.

Downtown’s first Complete Streets pilot project is giving SE/SW 1st a facelift. After some restriping, it’ll accommodate dedicated bus and bike lanes, and after a year of implementation, it could become permanent. Here’s what that means for you. 

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What's new in the 305

Hot seat. Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez got on Facebook live to explain his decision to abandon the rail expansion plans he campaigned on when he ran for reelection. He explained why he’s pushing bus rapid transit, instead – something that has worked pretty well in some cities around the world. You wouldn’t know it from all the angry emojis floating across the screen the whole time, though. (Miami Herald)

It’s officially official. South Miami approved that solar panel bill, which means all new homes built have to have solar panels installed. Way to go, South Miami. Only four other municipalities in the whole country have similar laws. (Miami Herald)

Plan… D? The Senate proposal to repeal and replace Obamacare is dead for now. But Marco Rubio is all about getting rid of it with no replacement – something even a lot of other Republicans say is a bad idea. That might be because 32 million people more will be uninsured by 2026 if that happens, according to the Congressional Budget Office (Miami New Times, Miami Herald)

Action! Miami-Dade unanimously approved a local film incentive program, which is supposed to help fill the gap created when Florida cut its program last year. We’ve been losing business to places like Georgia and Puerto Rico ever since. (WLRN)    

It’s swim week. Here’s where to catch a curvy show, here’s where to party, here’s where to watch the best runway shows, and here’s all the hotels to hang at. (Miami.com)

Hard choices. The county commission voted to keep our flat property tax in 2018 – which means everyone pays the same rate, no matter how much their property is worth. That’s pretty standard, but this year it means that they passed up an opportunity to raise rates and avoid additional cutbacks to Metrorail. (Miami Herald)

Crushed it. Frost Museum of Science crushed expectations its first three months, with more than 115,000 visitors in June alone. If that keeps up, Frost will have close to 1.5 million visitors in its first year. (Curbed)

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