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🏈 The Juice is loose

the latest at the new tropic

Becoming Baywatch. Miami Beach lifeguards might look like they’ve got it made, what with their adorable, Instagrammable watch towers and muscled bods. But a lot of sweat goes into getting paid to stand around at the beach all day. We sent Mario to see if he could make it through the famously brutal lifeguard workout.

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get out there

Money to do good. If you’re a local social impact organization looking for some extra cash to make your dreams a reality, there are 10 days left to apply to be one of Social Venture Partners’ Miami investees. Deets here. And more info on their work here.  

what's new in the 305

The Florida Man headlines. O.J. Simpson is gonna be released on parole, and he says he’ll come back to Florida when he does. Better be careful in those manatee zones. (Miami Herald)  

Game. changer. The Miami-Dade Expressway Authority wants to turn the left shoulders of the Dolphin into express lanes for shuttle buses and ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft. (Miami Herald)

More like dream taker. Sen. Marco Rubio has been one of the best known supporters of the DREAM Act in the past – but not this time. He says he’s not down with the latest version of the plan to protect Dreamers from deportation. (Tampa Bay Times)

History Lesson. The never-ending debate over whether immigration drives down wages for native-born Americans just got some new data points. A study says that the influx of Cubans who arrived via the Mariel boatlift prompted a big drop in pay for US-born Miamians without a high school degree, especially African-Americans. But there’s a whole lotta controversy around the man behind it. (Miami Herald)

Cash money. City of Miami Mayor Regalado wants to throw down some serious cash on sea level rise resiliency efforts, and is proposing a new property tax to pay for it. The city will vote on the general obligation bond to pay for that and a whole bunch of other big ticket city improvement projects next week. (Miami Herald)

Life in the slammer. The average prison sentence in Florida is getting longer. The number of people serving 10+ years has tripled since the 1990s. And prison life seems to be deteriorating – State Rep. David Richardson, who’s been a man on a mission investigating state prisons, found that guards in a facility near Daytona Beach often withheld toilet paper and basic necessities from inmates. (WLRN, Miami Herald)

Aw UD. The Miami Heat has re-signed Udonis Haslem for another year. So he’s opening two eateries in MiamiCentral with the F&B operation he co-runs, and he wants to hire locals from lower-income neighborhoods to staff. (NBC6, SFBJ)

The Heat is heated. The Miami Heat is following in the Marlins’ footsteps and suing some fans over season ticket disputes. But this time it’s pretty straightforward – the fans didn’t pay their bills. (Miami New Times)  

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