Plus, let mini ‘lobsta season commence
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Good morning *|FNAME|*! Raise your hand if you stayed up late watching Shark Week but you’re still ready to kick butt on a Tuesday like this guy.

The perks of a morning commute in Government Center (📸 @friendinmiami)

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Mini ‘Lobsta season starts tomorrow. Are you ready for the 48 hours of crustacean carnage? Here are the do’s and don’ts that you need to know before you try snagging your own lobster tails.

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Get Out There

Off to the races. Today is the special election primary for the Florida House District 116 and Senate District 40 races. If you didn’t vote early, here is where you can find your precincts and get to the ballot box. #votelikeyoulivehere

What's New In The 305

Leading the charge. Congress can’t seem to agree on much, but at the very least Cuban-American politicians seem to be of one mind when it comes to Nicolás Maduro—he’s awful. Their unity is helping to shape a legislative consensus that something must be done, and may just be laying the groundwork for sanctions. (Miami Herald)

Enough with the funny money. It’s no secret that Miami survives off of foreign cash. But now that congress is considering not renewing a crucial visa program that serves as a channel for the money that builds many of the city’s condos—development in the Magic City might just be set to take a hit. (Miami Herald)

Gould Park gold. Miami’s own 8-year-old Junior Olympian hopes to place at this year’s games in Detroit. Sky Arnold-Brown, a regular in the Gould Panthers Track Club, has qualified for the third time, the first was when she was six years old. What were you doing when you were eight? (Miami Herald)

Cocaine Snow Globes. Guns, gambling, scandal and murder; Miami beach has a checkered past. Now a new tour by the Miami Design Preservation League embraces the seedier side of the the beach and takes you on a stroll through gambling dens, murder scenes, and brothels. If you got, flaunt it? (Miami New Times)

At least your Monday commute wasn’t THIS bad. The people mover at Miami International Airport broke down, and travellers got trapped for two hours between terminals waiting for a fix. There wasn’t one, so they were evacuated and had walk along the tracks to get to their gate. Bienvenidos a Miami. (Miami Herald)

Shall rise again. When Snooty the manatee died last Sunday in Manatee County, Florida, the world lost its oldest sea cow. Now, a group of marine mammal activists have created a petition to replace the Bradenton confederate civil war memorial with one dedicated to Snooty. So far, it has thousands of signatures. (Miami Herald, Miami New Times)

No more “Dirty Purdy.” Beloved Purdy Lounge is trying to turn around its reputation as dirty and rundown. After 17 years on Miami Beach, it’s got new cocktails, new decor, and a new attitude. They’re still open to 5 a.m. though. (

💬 You Said It

“Miami Beach’s Heroes!” 
We agree with Ryan Amsel, Miami Beach Ocean Rescue DOES work hard! 

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