💪 SoFlo businesses are banding together for more equality

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💪 SoFlo businesses are banding together for more equality

Marvin is ready for his Little Havana Instagram Takeover close-up.
Marvin Tapia

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It’s just good business to be LGBT friendly. Aside from being the humane way to conduct business, attracting talent to Florida companies with a welcoming attitude and a blanket policy of inclusivity, would help Florida grow its economy by A LOT over the next ten years. We’ve got a by-the-numbers look, and the network of Miami businesses that are standing together to pledge their commitment to tolerance.

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Get Out There

Let’s explore together. Marvin Tapia, aka @mrmiamimarvin, is a brand ambassador for Salty Donut, one of the organizers of the monthly Viernes Culturales celebration in Little Havana AND one of our favorite Miami explorers. So he’s taking over our Instagram account today and tomorrow to dive into Little Havana. Follow along.

The primary winners of the special election are in. Annette Taddeo won the Democratic primary for the Florida Senate District 40 race and Jose Felix Diaz won the Republican primary. Daniel Anthony Perez won the Republican primary for Florida House of Representatives District 116 seat, and he’ll face off against Democrat nominee Gabriela Mayaudon in the general election. The next time you’ll need to go vote at the ballot box, is Tuesday, Sept. 26 for the general election for both races.

Collab with local and national transit leaders at Live.Ride.Share. conference Aug. 25 to work on the future of mobility in South Florida. Learn More ».
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What's New In The 305

The roof, the roof.  At 2:20 in the morning on Tuesday, the Deauville Beach Resort caught fire, and not in a good way. Thankfully, the small electrical blaze didn’t injure anyone, but it left the entire building without power. About 150 evacuated guests have had to find places to stay, other than out on the sand. (Miami Herald)

No Fakes. Florida is getting new IDs and driver’s licenses come August. Security features include UV ink and 4 different versions of your portrait, so don’t forget to smile. No word yet on whether the new ID design will increase Miami drivers’ use of turn signals. (Tampa Bay Times)

Cold Case. An old pump house — turned popular Miami restaurant — has a bone-chilling past that’s now resurfacing. New details in the case of Robert Bowman, who’s serving a life sentence for a 1967 murder in Ohio, have aroused suspicions that he may have buried a body on the premises when he lived in Miami. Will diners at the Café Roval care? (Miami New Times)

Everybody and their Regalado. Failed mayoral candidate Raquel Regalado has announced that it’s official now: she will run for U.S. House of Representatives for district 27, after saying she would do just that at a Miami Young Republicans event weeks ago. The soon-to-be-retired Ileana Ros-Lehtinen sure has a lot of folks trying to fill her seat. (Local 10)

Concussions are no game. Medicine has found more proof that playing football is a dangerous head game. The Journal of American Medical Association studied 111 brains of former NFL players, and all except ONE of them had chronic traumatic encephalopathy, aka C.T.E. And three of the brains in the study belonged to former Miami Dolphins players. (The New York Times, Miami Herald)

Camp fight the power. Is there anything better than summer camp? How about a summer camp that empowers high school LGBTQ activists with basic knowledge of the legal system, so they can stand up for their rights? Ah, youth. (WLRN)

A light has gone out. Goldie Goldstein has passed away. The 97-year-old was a local charity powerhouse, and the cofounder of the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center, which transcribes the oral histories of Holocaust survivors. We’ll miss ya, Goldie. (Miami Herald)

Tastes like chicken. Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey teamed up with the a snake hunter in the Everglades to catch, cook, and eat a burmese python, a species that is rapidly displacing alligators as the Everglades’ top predator. All for a TV show. (AP)

Kick it back poolside to a Downtown skyline or treat yourself to elevated Japanese eats at ZUMA with a $100 resort credit at EPIC. Learn More ».
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