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The Latest At The New Tropic

It’s festival time. If you’ve been following us on Insta this week, you know that we’ve been exploring Little Havana with Marvin Tapia, aka @mrmiamimarvin, one of the organizers of Viernes Culturales, the neighborhood’s monthly celebration. We’ve put together a gallery of his best shots from this week to check out before the festivities begin. Tonight’s the pachanga, and you should definitely check it out IRL. Deets here.

Get Out There

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What's New In The 305

Speaking up. Florida’s HB7069 is controversial for the amount of money it designates to private charter schools, over public ones. Now Miami-Dade’s school district is considering joining five other districts in suing against it, arguing that it deprives them of local power over their school system. The school board could vote at their next meeting on Aug. 9 to challenge all the charter love. (Miami Herald)  

And making it rain. The Miami-Dade School Board was also busy giving the first approval to a new budget amid all the HB7069 stress. The board approved their biggest budget since the recession — a whopping $5.1 billion. All of the extra cash will go toward more guidance counselors and custodians, and new textbooks. At last. (Miami Herald)

You’re gonna need a smaller boat … Shark attacks in Miami-Dade waters do happen, but they happen here less than at other beaches. South Florida’s ultra-clear water means, if you can see sharks, it’s actually a good thing, because they can see you too, and they’re more likely to swim away. Guess our beaches really are just … better. (WLRN)  

But traffic, tho. One proposal to fix transportation in NYC is this futuristic plan that would loop traffic when driverless cars come on the scene. Buuuuut critics worry it pulls society back into car-centric urban planning. Could something like this work for Miami or would it put us on the wrong track? (CityLab via Stuart Kennedy)  

Hide the tahini. Cult hummus chain Dizengoff just opened a Wynwood location, their first anywhere outside the Northeast. Now you can get your favorite chickpea spread just like they make it in Tel Aviv. (Eater)

The power of a notification. The Miami Beach commission approved a measure meant to increase communication between residents and their changing cityscape/beach paradise. The “Residents’ Right To Know” plan means folks, (who opt in), can get emails announcing development plans, and get notifications about city construction work that could affect daily life. (Miami Herald)

Pawtect and serve. The El Portal police department swore in its first four-legged member, a Siberian Husky named Arctic who became a community K-9 at the latest village council meeting. He’s there to be therapeutic (and also, well, cute af). Across the Bay, a Miami Beach firefighter also came to the rescue for a chow mix that got stranded in the Intracoastal. The pup was nicknamed Champ, and he had a ~ruff~ time recovering until a little chill sesh at the police station. (Miami Herald)

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