🚣‍ We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

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🚣‍ We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

Gettin’ it done yesterday.

The Latest At The New Tropic

Tropical Storm Emily drowned us yesterday. Here’s a montage of flooding across the county to show just how much.

But it’s still the most wonderful time. With 236 restaurants, including 40 new ones, the two-month splurge fest Miami Spice is finally BACK. To celebrate, we’re featuring some of the new additions and returning faves. (They added brunch this year. Bless up.)

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What's New In The 305

WTH happened yesterday?! When Tropical Storm Emily dumped her rain on Miami-Dade, we basically drowned. Even Miami Beach’s beefed up infrastructure couldn’t handle it.  Why? We got double the rate of rainfall that it was built to handle – 7 inches in an hour, compared to the 3.5 inches it can handle, according to a press release from the city government. And then a couple pumps stopped working because of power outages. It made for one massive, dangerous mess. And local Ashley Diaz captured it perfectly in this Facebook video that is going viral. (Miami Herald, City of Miami Beach, Facebook)

Is Miami Subs Grill the most Miami fast food chain ever? Between all that neon, the fact that you can get a bottle of Dom with your tuna sub, and its mafia ties, VICE says 100 percent yes. Hey, can this shout out get us some of those fries?

Party mode. Miami Beach party people, this is for you. You can now call up a souped-up Lyft with blacklights and a dance floor this weekend and next and start the party while stuck in traffic. But mainlanders are outta luck. (Time Out Miami)

Sprung. Miami’s sewage is supposed to be pumped into deep water waaaay offshore, but one big pipe has a leak right by Virginia Key and Fisher Island. And it’s been oozing waste for at least a year. Miami Waterkeeper wants to sue the county for letting it slide. (NBC 6, Miami Herald)

11 weeks and counting. You can’t hide from the catchiness of Despacito. It’s Billboard’s No. 1, and not going away anytime soon. WLRN tells us what makes it such a successful summer jam.  

Overtime. After 3.5 years of trying to bring a soccer stadium to Miami, David Beckham is SO CLOSE to getting his own MLS team. He’s presenting his plans at the MLS Board of Governors meeting today and one commissioner even says the deal is “at the finish line.” That doesn’t mean it’s all set in Miami, tho. (Miami Herald)

Deal with the devil. We’re the only county in Florida that gets to vote on whether to continue paying a 3 percent “franchise fee” on our FPL bills that goes to local governments for things like parks and and police. The last time this came up, in 1990, we gave it a major yes. Amid lots of FPL shadiness, it’s TBD if we’ll approve it again. Plus, local nonprofits are pushing the county to use the moment to add environmental and anti-poverty requirements to the agreement. (Miami Herald)

Things to do

Check out this event from our advertiser, Conscious Kids Fest.

😃 Miami's 1st Mindful Family Fest on 8/5! A day of family fun with tons of kids activities including yoga, art, dance, music, face paint, healthy food and much more! 100% to charity!

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