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You know it’s going to be a good day when you live in a place that looks like this. (📸 @hecsagram)

The Latest At The New Tropic

Let’s explain. If we’ve been spending hundreds of millions on pumps on Miami Beach and the mainland, then why was Tuesday’s flooding so spectacularly bad?

Because the city isn’t prepping for storms like that one – aka an “extreme event.” And local governments probably never will.

But that’s not necessarily a screw up. Here’s why.

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Whoops, our bad.

The link to our Miami Spice article went wonky yesterday morning, so we’re sharing it again today. Here are the spots you can catch us at brunch, lunch, ‘n’ dinner for the next two months.

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What's New In The 305

What were YOU doing in high school? It probably wasn’t as epic as the New World School for the Arts students. Check out this dope 360 video of dancers, actors, and musicians doing their thang. (NYT)

Plugging time. With that sewage pipe spewing waste less than a mile from Virginia Key, the county’s started to fast-track hiring a contractor for its repairs. This comes after Miami Waterkeeper accused Miami-Dade of ignoring the problem for over a year. Yikes. (Miami Herald)

Civil war. First we were warring over Wawa vs Publix. Now it’s getting down to our favorite ways to eat meat between bread. Cuban sandwich or Philly cheesesteak? C’mon, no contest. Ours has lechon. (Miami.com)

Game on. A Democrat has stepped up to run against Rep. Carlos Curbelo in 2018. His district is one of the most Democratic leaning ones in the country held by a Republican – and now that the GOP’s effort to repeal Obamacare has failed, Dems are ready to pounce. (Miami Herald)

Complete (slower) streets. Part of Florida’s plan to make roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists is to majorly lower the speed limits, from 45 mph to 25 mph. The question is when and where they’ll do it, but it’s a part of the Complete Streets Initiative that Miami DDA adopted this summer. (Sun Sentinel)

Fake news. No, a guy did not catch a fish in the middle of the street in South Beach yesterday. It WAS a brilliant media play by a bait shop tho. (Miami New Times)

Hide and go seek. A company called Florida Treasure Hunts has hidden $1,000 somewhere in the Magic City. The first clue will be dropped today at 3:30 p.m. at Burger Beast’s Burger Museum. Get itttt. (Miami.com)

It takes guts. A group of GUTS, or Grovites United to Survive, scored a big win against the gentrification that’s creepin’ on the neighborhood. The group bought what was an empty lot on the corner on Grand Avenue and Douglass Road and leased it to UM. Now UM is launching a pop-up marketplace that they say will revitalize the area. (Miami Times)

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