🐚 God save the Queen.

🐚 God save the Queen.

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Salt life. Floods like last week’s are going to happen again. But there are things we can do to prevent it from being sheer chaos and havoc when they do.

We chatted with the City of Miami Beach resiliency office about what steps home and car owners can take to protect their stuff when the waters rise again. Here’s the rundown.

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What's New In The 305

Two steps forward, one step back. Miami Beach is finishing up a $615 million renovation of the Convention Center – but last week’s deluge caused $450,000 in damage, just before the big media unveiling of the updates. (Miami New Times)

Sellout. Earlier this year, Miami-Dade announced that it would work with federal officials to crack down on undocumented immigration, becoming the first sanctuary city with a large immigrant population to do so. It did that because the Trump administration threatened to withhold public safety funding (Meanwhile, Chicago is considering suing the federal government for threatening them). On Friday, the administration said Miami-Dade is in the clear and will get its cash. (Miami Herald)

So sensitive. Coral Gables is suing Instagram and Facebook to get them to reveal the identities of the people behind accounts criticizing private security guards. The city says the posts aren’t true and they need to know who’s behind them so it can make them stop. (Miami New Times)

God save the Queen. The Keys’ iconic, slimy conch is mostly gone from Florida – you’re more likely to see the “queen of the sea” in a gift shop. A marine preserve in the Bahamas is out to find out why babies aren’t replacing adult sea slugs fast enough. (Miami Herald)

No no no no no. Rainy season has brought poisonous Cottonmouth snakes closer to houses, and they’re showing in up weird places – so double-check your BBQ grills. The Miami-Dade Venom Response Unit is on the case. (Sun Sentinel)

Tap that. Even if you don’t drink your tap water, you should be checking whether it’s safe – between laundry, cooking, and other household activities, you’re definitely still taking a bunch of it in and safety guidelines are out of date. This cool database will tell you what you need to know. (WLRN)    

No more multitasking. Florida has some of the most lax texting and driving laws in the whole country. But a South Florida state rep is out to change that. (Sun-Sentinel)

Busted. Thinking about dumping your trash illegally? Think again. South Florida’s trash detectives will track you down via your old Pollo Tropical receipts. (Miami Herald)

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