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What's New In The 305

💩 + 🏖️ = 🚫. Health officials say North Beach around 73rd Street is a no-go zone RN after finding fecal bacteria in the water. (Miami Herald)

Hot in herre. Sea levels rose faster in the Southeast U.S., especially Florida, than anywhere else in recent years. Scientists say it’s because we’re a “hotspot.” If you wanna do something about it, you can go to a CLEO Institute training on how to become a climate change leader for your neighborhood. (NYT, WLRN)  

Comeback king. Last year cyclist Tony Napoliello got hit by a car biking in Virginia Key, prompting bikers to ask if ANYWHERE in Miami is safe for them. His injuries were bad, but his comeback story is stronger. (Local 10)

Power moves. Black Enterprise shouted out these six local entrepreneurs who are pushing the envelope in the Magic City.

Bad math. The opioid crisis in South Florida took more than 1,000 lives last year. And now Florida is losing a $20.4 million federal grant for mental illness and substance abuse treatment. Some state legislators had no clue this was coming, and now they’re scrambling to fill the gap. (Sun Sentinel)

Red alert. 25 years ago, Hurricane Andrew slammed Miami-Dade. Since then, we’ve overhauled building codes and done some serious hurricane prep education, but insurance company Swiss Re says we’re worse off now. They analyzed what a storm of Andrew’s strength would do to Miami today, and it’s not pretty. (AP)  

If you give a tiger to a stripper, they might end up rescued and sent to Everglades Outpost. The Homestead animal refuge takes in animals with sketchy pasts and nurses them back to health. Rocky, Cheeky, and a whole zoo of other animals are up for visitors. (Miami.com)   

Just hangin’ out. Miami’s famously weird giant sloth sculpture needs a home. Omni Park was supposed to take it from the old Frost Museum of Science location, but turns out it can’t because it’s a pop-up park. The Miami New Times suggests five other places it could go.

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