👑 The Palace is the Comeback Queen.

👑 The Palace is the Comeback Queen.

We get to live and work here 😍

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Roughly 20 percent of women in Miami-Dade are living in poverty – and about half of them could be lifted out simply by paying them what men are paid for doing the same jobs.

The Women’s Fund is trying to close our pay gap, fast. If no one does anything, Florida won’t achieve equal pay until 2038.

We think that’s too late. We’ve got the deets about just how bad it is in Miami-Dade, and we’ve already signed the pledge to do our part. You can too, right here.

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Miami Spice is the time of year when we locals can wine and dine with celebrity-chef curated, fine-dining experiences without feeling like we’re breaking the bank. If you’re ready to ingest and impress, here’s a list of hotel hotspots that offer the best bang for your buck during Spice.

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Sip on craft cocktails poolside using the Fountainebleau’s locals-only $50 food-and-bev credit for the ultimate SoBe staycay. Learn More ».
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What's New In The 305

First Charlottesville, next Gainesville? The same day a car plowed into the Virginia counter-protesters, UF announced that Richard Spencer, the alt-right leader behind the march, had asked to come speak on its campus. As a public university, UF can’t say no based solely on his political views. Coincidentally, Gainesville actually had a Confederate statue removed yesterday (although it’s been in the works for months). (Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel)

Get outta town. We know it takes too long to get outta the city at rush hour, but how much worse is it? Well, if you leave at 4 p.m. you’ll only get 27 miles in an hour, but if you sit tight until  7 p.m. you could get about 45 miles. This dope piece from the Washington Post will help you get it right.

All the drag brunches. The iconic gay bar The Palace is coming back to Ocean Drive, less than two months after it had to close its original location because the rent was too damn high.  (Re: Miami Beach)     

There’s an app for that. The Miami Heat are about to become the first NBA team to require mobile tickets for home games. (But no worries, you can still transfer them.) (The Verge)  

Pushback. Some Miami Beach residents are not down with plans to raise their streets. It might  keep the roads dry, they say, but it also might basically turn their first floors into a floodable basement. (The Real Deal)    

Trolling. State Sen. George Gainer had a lot of outraged Floridians sliding into his DMs yesterday after he tweeted Bible verses in response to Charlottesville. Why? Because last year he tried to pass a law protecting any drivers who hit protesters demonstrating in the streets, like James Alex Fields Jr. did when he killed Heather Heyer. (He failed.) (Miami Herald)

That’s not how renovations work. Residents in Allapattah’s Section 8 housing project Civic Towers were supposed to be on the up, but now that a contract dispute and permit issues have brought renovations to a halt, residents have been left living with rats, exposed wires, and boarded windows. (Miami Herald)  

Church of Biscayne. If you’ve ever felt like going to Biscayne Bay is a religious experience, you’re not the only one. More and more faith groups are coming to the Bay to worship and hold religious ceremonies — whether they’re Jewish, Christian, non-denominational, or practice Santeria. (WLRN)

Got a story about a sound that’s changed your life? Hit up The Standard Spa for open-mic storytelling this Thursday, April 17. Learn More ».
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Honor the young professionals contributing the most to our local LGBT community with free flowing mimosas at SAVE’s annual Luminary Awards. Learn More ».
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