🚗 What if no one in Miami owned a car?

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🚗 What if no one in Miami owned a car?

South Florida, you’ve got gorgeous skies.

What if no one in Miami owned a car?

It can seem hard to imagine today, but there’s a future for Miami where none of us own our own car. Is it realistic? How soon could it happen? We took a look at the data, and talked to locals who are already living car free. Here’s what we found.

And if you’re interested in all this, join us next week for the Live.Ride.Share. conference, a national meeting on the future of mobility that Miami-Dade County is hosting this year. We’ll have talks from national experts, workshops on everything from biking to infrastructure funding, and a great group of local and national leaders working on the future.

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LGBTQ people of color are building Miami alongside the rest of the city every day, but rarely do they get a seat at the table – and when they do, it can be an exhausting, isolating place to be. That’s where the Maven Leadership Collective comes in.

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What's New In The 305

Buh-bye. Citing safety concerns, the University of Florida has decided not to let white nationalist leader Richard Spencer come and speak on campus after all. So for now, Spencer’s out, though the last university to deny him was court-ordered to host his speech. (Miami Herald)   

Sink or swim. President Trump’s latest executive order says infrastructure projects in flood-prone areas don’t have to accommodate for sea-level rise to get federal funding. Will South Florida rise to the occasion anyway? (Climatewire)    

Sending a message. Attorney General Jeff Sessions came to the 305 yesterday and praised Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez for abandoning our “sanctuary” city status and working with federal immigration officials to detain undocumented immigrants. We’re the largest municipality in the U.S. to have done so since President Trump’s election. (Miami Herald)

Is Walter Mercado’s stuff in your future? Astrologer Walter Mercado is leaving Miami for New York, but first he’s having an estate sale. And his knick knacks are every bit as bizarre as the horoscopes he used to read on TV. But given con mucho mucho amor. (Miami.com)

Double buzz. Coconut Grove’s Panther Coffee is experimenting with coffee-infused wine prosecco and red wine with a splash of their signature Nitro Cold Brew. It’s always five o’clock somewhere, right? (WSVN)

Money 101. The organizers behind the failed World OutGames weren’t trying to swindle anyone… they were just poor money managers. We’ve all been there. Here’s what Miami Beach detectives learned from investigating the 10-day LGBTQ and culture event. (Miami Herald)

Deportation nation. If you get hurt on the job, you should be treated under workers’ comp. and go back to work –  not get deported. But thanks to one Florida law and one of President Trump’s executive orders, that’s not what’s happening. (ProPublica)

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