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You'll find us here ☝️ , at Veza Sur Brewing Co., when it opens its doors tomorrow.


On tap. Veza Sur is Wynwood’s new Latin American-inspired brewery and it’s opening this weekend.  Pull up a seat at the bar and learn about “chope” with us. Then head on down for the grand opening on Saturday.  

What a G. A 9-year-old Moonlighter makerspace grad helped design a portable book-sharing pod for Miami Book Fair. Check out a book and snag a spot when it debuts this Saturday, Aug. 19 at Wynwood Yard.

Produced for Miami Book Fair

Talk it out. It’s been one of those weeks where the hate feels stronger than almost anything else. So join us, Maven Leadership Collective and O Cinema, on Sunday to talk about how to turn outrage into activism. We’ll have local all-stars like Valencia Gunder of Make the Homeless Smile Miami, Meena Jagannath of Community Justice Project, and Melba Pearson of the ACLU of Florida. Details here.

When the moon hits your eye. The solar eclipse is happening on Monday. We’ve got the deets so you can do it right. Because it would be the worst to have to wait until 2024.

How to staycay like a local

We’re rediscovering our favorite neighborhoods and dishing out our summer plans. Today we’re taking you on a drive through the Gables and Grove for a day of bubbly brunch, tropical landscapes, and rooftop views.

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You have a 1 in 200 chance of being related to Genghis Khan. The chances are better that you’ll like this message from our advertiser.

🚲 The future of Miami mobility
Collab with local and national transit leaders at the Live.Ride.Share. conference Aug. 25 to work on the future of mobility in South Florida.


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What's New In The 305

Pakistani mangoes to table. Homestead’s tropical monsoon climate is perfect for growing foods you’d normally find in places like Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Just ask Ghee Indian Kitchen Chef (and farmer) Niven Patel. (New York Times, The New Tropic)  

Moonlight magic lives on. The man behind the play that inspired the Oscar-winning Moonlight is writing again. This time, he’s creating a TV series about South Florida inspired by his experiences growing up in Liberty City. 🙌  (Miami New Times)   

Not okay. Somebody decided to spray paint a swastika and other hateful graffiti on some palm trees along the MacArthur Causeway this week. When the Miami Herald called police almost a day later, the police said it was the first they’d heard about it. See something? Say something. (Miami Herald)  

#FakeNews. After Charlottesville, Miamians were looking for a way to do their part. So they seized on Wynwood’s Robert E. Lee Park. One problem: it doesn’t exist. (Miami New Times)

Extra precautions. All Florida prisons are on lockdown after receiving threats of possible uprisings. That means none of Florida’s 97,000 inmates can have visitors this weekend. (Miami Herald)

“Homer” ain’t goin’ nowhere. The infamous center-field sculpture that celebrates every Marlins home run, is staying put. There was word that new owner Derek Jeter might wanna get rid of it but the county (who owns the flashy flamingos) says it’s “not movable.” (Miami Herald)

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🙌 Spa 'n' Spice #MiamiTemptations
Wake up with 15% off at Tierra Santa Spa and taste a contemporary take on gaucho cuisine at Los Fuego at Faena Hotel.


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It feels like nearly everyone has an opinion about the Confederate monuments and what we should do with them. Here’s what Redditor “LetsDiscourse” had to say about our piece on Florida’s Confederate monuments:

Removing these monuments is not about giving in to people who are offended by them, the vast majority of people are not offended by them. Removing them is about taking symbols and power away from white supremacists, it’s about sending them a message that their bullshit is not welcome by our society, it’s about taking away their places of worship, if you will.

How do you feel when you walk by one of these monuments? Where do you think they belong today? Send us your thoughts at [email protected]. We may share them back out.



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📷 Miami’s full of characters
That’s why CIC Miami is trying to capture all of them and feature them as temporary artwork. Submit a worthy portrait for consideration.


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