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A view made to watch a solar eclipse. (📸 Frost Museum of Science)

The Latest At The New Tropic

So…what is a solar eclipse anyway? The celestial event that everyone’s been talking about is finally upon us. Even astrologer Walter Mercado is ready for it. We’re gonna get to see nearly 80 percent of the moon’s shadow block the sun. Here are some quick tips to get the eclipse right:

  • Puh-lease don’t look directly at the sun. That’s what eclipse glasses (or welding goggles) are for. NASA has an approved list of reliable ones.
  • If finding a pair the day of is tricky, you can DIY some to keep your eyes protected.
  • Spots all around South Florida are hosting watch parties. Some, like the Frost Museum of Science, will be live-streaming NASA’s feed. (We’ll be there, so come say hi!)

Here’s everything else you need to watch the eclipse.

How are you watching the solar action? Use the hashtag #solareclipseMIA and tag us on Insta at @thenewtropic or Twitter at @newtropicmiami.

Let's get it done

Thirteen of the United States’ 18 conversion therapy bans are in the State of Florida, and state representatives are currently working hard to ban conversion therapy statewide. Here’s how South Florida is doing its part and how you can get involved.

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🚌 Live.Ride.Share.
Live.Ride.Share is about the future of transit, and what we’re going to do about it. Join leaders of transit on Aug. 25 for a special conference.


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What's New In The 305

False alarm. Unconfirmed reports of a shooter at Dolphin Mall on Saturday put the social media rumor mill in overdrive. The police found no evidence of a shooter, bullets or injured people, though they’re still investigating what caused the panic. (Miami Herald)

Power to the people. County Commissioners are about to review the proposed $24 million in Metromover and Metrorail cutbacks, which would mean longer wait times and eliminated routes. One group of citizens is planning to protest. If that riles you up too, you can join in their fight on September 7. (Miami New Times)  

First Amendment at work. It’s illegal in Miami for panhandlers to hold signs asking for money. But now a state court has ruled that ban unconstitutional because it violates free speech. Mayor Regalado says he hopes the city appeals. (Miami Herald)

We’re #1. The best restaurant in all of Florida is right in our backyard. TIME magazine says Wynwood’s Kyu, an Asian barbeque spot, wins the title for its diverse menu including tuna tataki and wagyu beef brisket. (TIME, Miami Herald)

Leading the charge. Broward’s state rep. Shevrin Jones is filing a bill to remove every Confederate statue, name or sign that’s on public property in Florida. (Miami New Times)

Cat fight. A long-awaited pedestrian pathway connecting North and South Miami Beach has been thwarted by a colony of wild cats. Animal activists are demanding the city halt construction,  but officials insist no cats will be harmed in the making of this boardwalk. (Miami Herald)

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CIC Miami wants to capture the personality of Miami locals. Got a worthy photo submission? Submit and possibly get your artwork featured.


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Catalyst Miami is recruiting for CLEAR Miami, their free course to train the next cohort of community climate leaders. The free course kicks off Sept. 5 in partnership with Haitian Women of Miami (FANM). Apply and find out more here



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🍾 Brunch with drinks and drag
Honor the young professionals contributing the most to our local LGBT community with free flowing mimosas at SAVE’s annual Luminary Awards.


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