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🍾 Brunch with drinks and drag
Honor the young professionals contributing the most to our local LGBT community with free flowing mimosas at SAVE’s annual Luminary Awards.

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Watching the solar eclipse, Miami style. (📸 @magnificentmagnus )

The Latest At The New Tropic

Stop and smell the roses. Yesterday the whole country stopped at marveled at the sky for a few minutes together, because Mother Nature and science are ah-mazing. This is what the solar eclipse looked like in Miami, from Doral to the beach – with plenty of cute kiddos in glasses. We hope your retinas survived the phenomenon.


Trying to soak up the last best bits of summer? Check out our hotel, spa and Spice deals in this guide to a perfect South Beach day. Hop off that workweek grind and follow our shameless day of hedonism on the beach.

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❤️ Stay a little longer #MiamiTemptions
Keep it luxe with Mediterranean-style vibes and cuisine at the Ritz in the Grove. Pro-tip: the longer you stay, the bigger the discount.


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What's New In The 305

Danger ahead. Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine warned residents to brace themselves for heavy rain starting this afternoon. A couple weeks ago, a ferocious storm put much of the city underwater for hours. (Miami Herald)

Buon appetito! A three-story Italian food hall is opening in Brickell City Centre in December – and it’s going to have a gelato bar, an espresso bar, and a MOZZARELLA bar. Plus about 10 other food concepts. (Miami.com)    

Now everyone can have “a friend with a boat.” Aventura startup Boatsetter, which is basically Airbnb for renting boats, gobbled up its rival. Now it’s the industry leader and it’s ready to go global. (Miami Herald)

Listen up. Miami hasn’t had any local cases this year, but researchers are still on the hunt for more knowledge. They recently found that the Zika virus attacks a lot like HIV does – targeting pregnant women’s immune systems. (Miami Herald)

More than Critical Mass. Miami was a city built for cars, but that’s changing – and these six groups have a lot to do with our biking revival. (Time Out)

The rent’s too damn high. The affordable housing crisis has pushed Miami Beach hospitality workers further and further from the ritzy hotels where they work, creating hours-long public transit commutes. Now the hotel workers union wants to require hotels to provide transportation passes or shuttles for employees. The union will need 4,500 signatures to get it on the 2018 ballot.  (Miami Herald)

Waffles o’clock. Hangry because you missed the best meal of the day? At these 12 Miami spots, you can eat breakfast 24/7. Leslie Knope approves. (Eater)

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🎨 Art Days has something for everyone
Get ready for Drink & Draw, art walks, open galleries, and puppy brunch Sept. 8-10 at this year’s downtown Art Days.


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It’s time to move it move it

The fabric of our city is changing, and now local and national transit leaders are meeting to hack the future of transit for new tech and mobility options. Join them this Friday, August 25 at the Live.Ride.Share. conference.

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