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We can all picture a Miami where biking and walking are safe and taking a bus or train is cheaper and more convenient than driving.

But for now, owning a car remains pretty much a necessity, not a choice, and getting around Miami falls way short of that vision. That’s why now, more than ever, is a moment to invest in transit, says Transit Alliance Miami.

But Miami-Dade County is preparing to cut as much as $25 million from the transit budget. That means longer wait times, less reliable service, and delayed repairs.

There’s still time to reverse course, though. Let Transit Alliance Miami talk you through it.

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This Friday at the Live.Ride.Share. conference, join panelists from cities on the cutting edge of transit to work on innovative strategies and hack the future of mobility in Miami.

Produced for Miami-Dade Transit.

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What's New In The 305

Veep. Vice President Mike Pence will be in Doral today, Venezuela’s unofficial Miami hub. He just got back from Latin America and is expected to talk about the Venezuelan political crisis. (Miami Herald)

Get it, fast. New breweries are coming to Miami – but not to Wynwood. They’re buying land while it’s still cheap in North Miami, ahead of the development expected to follow the All Aboard Florida and Brightline train station. (Biscayne Times)  

He batted 1,000. Marlins icon Rafael ‘Felo’ Ramirez died Monday at 94 years old. He was the first Spanish-language broadcaster to have his voice included in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Marlins games won’t be the same without him. (Miami Herald)  

Stay in your lane. Last year the state’s Department of Transportation doubled the number of orange poles along the I-95 express lanes to stop people from lane diving (because Miami). And the department says it’s paid off. Lane diving is down 87 percent and there are fewer crashes inside express lanes. (Miami Herald)   

Stepping up. After recent terrorist attacks involving cars and crowds in Europe, Miami Beach is putting up concrete “anti-terrorism” barriers. Temporary blocks will be at the entrances to Lincoln Road Mall until the city adds permanent ones. (Miami Herald)

The nitty gritty. Cubans have croquetas, and Venezuelans have arepas. But Haitians in Miami run on mais. Here’s where you can find the corn dish across the city, and why it fuels a community. (Miami New Times)

Doesn’t add up. When Mayor Carlos Gimenez asked the county commission to end Miami-Dade’s status as a “sanctuary” city in January, he warned we would lose federal transportation funds if we didn’t – and that we needed that money for rail expansion. Here’s where we stand today: We’re not a sanctuary city anymore, but we’ve also canned most of those plans for rail expansion – and this week the U.S. Department of Justice said those transportation funds never would’ve been cut anyway. 🤔  (Miami Herald)

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