💪 I'm a survivor

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💪 I'm a survivor

And mornings like this are why.

Making it work

It’s tough times for brick and mortar independent bookstores – e-commerce has done a number on them all over the country. Miami is no exception: we’ve lost two in just the last five years, and we almost lost Bookstore in the Grove just a couple months ago.

But there are a handful who are making it work. We checked in with some of our favorite local novel hawkers to learn their stories – and what it takes to survive in South Florida.


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What's New In The 305

Badasses. Miami-Dade and City of Miami’s elite urban rescue teams –two of only 12 such units in the whole U.S. – are headed to Texas to help with Hurricane Harvey. They’re specially trained in swift water rescue and they’re headed out with boats and high-water trucks in tow. (Miami Herald)

Behind the scenes. The Frost Museum is leading teams of volunteers into our watery mangrove forests to try to restore shorelines to their natural state. The New York Times took us along for the ride with a dope 360 video.

Why you gotta be so rude? Miami, you can be a mean city online –  and a new study from Wired proves it. We have the third highest percentage of “toxic” internet comments of all big cities in the U.S. SMH. (Miami Herald)

Village of the Falls? Residents in a pocket of unincorporated Dade between Pinecrest and Palmetto Bay want their own city. This debate has been going on for a long timebut with a resident survey it’s finally taking a step forward. (Miami Herald)

Our own “The Wire.” Miami Gardens is the star of a new web TV series about a single dad raising a family and a teen trying to stay out of gang violence. But some residents and city officials aren’t so thrilled about putting its rep as “Murder Gardens” in the spotlight. (Miami Herald)

“Whole Paycheck” no more. Starting today, you’ll be paying a lot less for some of Whole Foods’ most popular groceries because Amazon is beginning its $13.7 billion mega-takeover. (Miami Herald) 

Closed for business. Spurred by rumors the border’s wide open, Haitians in the U.S. have been fleeing to Canada by the thousands since the Trump administration said it might not renew their special immigration status. An envoy came to Miami with a simple message last week: Nope, that’s not true. (Miami Herald)

Editor’s note: Several of you pointed out that we didn’t include Biscayne National Park on our list of local national parks when we told you about free entry on Friday to celebrate the National Park Service’s birthday. That’s because – lucky us! – Biscayne has free entry 365 days a year (although you’ll have to pay if you’re tryna camp on some of the islands).

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