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Rolling into Tuesday like... (📸 giphy)

Stop manspreading bro

Bad habits. How conscious are you of your fellow public transit riders’ space? That’s a question we got from reader Christine Rupp, who wants to know why riders don’t have more common courtesy. So we called up a local psych expert to attempt to explain. Check it out and tell us what you think.  

Got your own Miami questions? Submit them here and we’ll take a stab at answering yours next.


Your Downtown Miami experience probably consists of finance bros and waiting on drawbridge traffic. But with sparkling skylines and bay views like those, it’s one of the best neighborhoods to stay and play. Check out our dream day in Downtown for the ultimate mental health day.

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What's New In The 305

Bring it back bring it back. It’s gonna take dry ice, 3D models, $40 million and a little luck to make the Virginia Key Marine Stadium renovation happen. But right now Mayor Regalado is struggling to get commissioners to show up to meetings about it. You can get a taste of what it could be like at the Tequila Bay Country Music Festival on Labor Day. (Miami Herald, Miami New Times)

Kids in crisis. As Venezuela’s crisis worsens, more and more Venezuelan students are registering at Miami-Dade County Public Schools every day. Some schools are struggling to find space. (Miami Herald)  

Roadblocked. Flagler Street’s reconstruction has been kinda a nightmare for all of us, but no one more than Little Havana’s small business owners. Spots like La Gringa Taco Shop have been losing profits for a year and a half and there’s no end in sight. A Miami state senator is pushing for a bill that will help struggling owners out. (Miami Herald)   

 Hurricane solidarity. If you’re watching Hurricane Harvey’s devastation and looking to help, here’s a roundup of the South Florida organizations collecting donations. (Miami Herald)

🔥 🔥 🔥 . The siblings behind the Latin and Asian fusion restaurant Finka Table & Tap unveiled a Korean barbeque frita dish at Croquetapalooza – and announced it will be one of the signature dishes at their new restaurant on SW 26th St. Count us in. (Miami New Times)

Ballin’ on a budget. Wanna fly from Miami to Paris, Berlin, or Dublin maybe? If you’re willing to make a pit stop in Iceland, you can go for as little as $69. Bon voyage! (Miami Herald)  

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