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Making Miami even more bee-utiful. (📸 The Miami Foundation Public Space Challenge)

Make public space great again

Lights, parks, and pop-ups, oh my! We all want to make Miami an even better place to live, work and play. But the new winners of The Miami Foundation’s 2017 Public Space Challenge really want to make that happen. From mini-golf to bee hives, these projects have us excited AF. Check out a sneak peek of what’s to come.  

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What's New In The 305

Classin’ it up. Starting Labor Day weekend, Miami Beach is blocking off a lane of traffic on Ocean Drive for pedestrians every weekend. The experiment is an effort to help people feel a little less crazed every time they try to walk down the crazy street. (Miami Herald)

Secret Grove Garden. There’s a magical-looking wooded forest deep in South Coconut Grove,  next to a cottage that belonged to neighborhood legend Charlie Cinnamon. His friends want to honor his memory by making the space a mini public park named Charlie’s Woods. (Miami Herald)

To Houston, Love Miami. Coldplay had to cancel its Houston concert because of Hurricane Harvey. We got a surprise appearance by Chris Martin at Wynwood Yard out of it. But the group still found a way to send its love to victims by premiering a new song, Houston #1, at its Miami show Monday night. (CBS Miami, Miami.com)

Still dreaming. Miami-Dade has more than 23,000 undocumented immigrants enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (aka DACA). SoFlo local Juan Escalante writes in Vox about it, wondering what will happen to him and others if President Trump doesn’t renew the Obama-era initiative next week. (Vox, The New Tropic)

Stood up? Two Miami Beach residents sued the county in federal court a few months ago to stop the use of naled for mosquito control. Their suit was dismissed, but they were promised a meeting with Miami-Dade County officials. They got stood up this week, and now they say they’re headed back to court. (WLRN)

That last-mile. The car-sharing service Zipcar is partnering with Miami-Dade Tranist to put their rental cars at some Metrorail stations to cover that last mile home. But it can get pricey, so check before you zip. (Miami Herald)  

Editor’s note: In yesterday’s newsletter we told you all about the changes coming to Virginia Key and Marine Stadium. Just to clarify, Mayor Regalado’s meeting was to discuss the Key’s marina.

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