☕ How do you Ventanita?

☕ How do you Ventanita?

(📸 : Mario Ariza)

Cafecito that’s suavecito

America might run on Dunkin, but Miami runs on café Cubano – preferably ordered from the neighborhood ventanita.

These culinary portholes deliver some of the strongest coffee and crispiest pastries in all of the 305. Everybody in town has a favorite spot and a favorite order. Café con leche and a tostada? Cortadito and a croqueta? Empanada de carne?

Check out what the rest of the city orders, and tell us how you get your fix. (Bonus if you can identify the spots we visited just from a glimpse of the windows.)

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What's New In The 305

Peace out. Hollywood commissioners decided last night to rename three streets memorializing Confederate generals in one of the city’s mostly black neighborhoods, the first South Florida showdown on the issue since Charlottesville. No word on the new names yet. Earlier in the day a Cuban-American man from Hialeah was arrested outside the commission after stormed a crowd of pro-renaming protesters with a Confederate flag. (Miami Herald)

Venezuela’s best chef. Venezuelan Carlos Garcia runs one of the top-rated restaurants in Latin America. But he’s doing it from afar now that violent protests and food scarcity have forced him from Caracas to Miami. Now he’s opened a new spot in Brickell where exiles like him can feel at home. (Miami Herald)

Definitely maybe. The rail corridor for northeast Miami-Dade was supposed to be one of the easier SMART Plan routes to get done because it could operate on tracks already being built for Brightline. But the county and Brightline can’t decide who would run the trains, which has put the brake on the whole project for now. (Miami Herald)

Making sense of the dollars. Got thoughts on how the county should spend this year’s $7 billion budget? There are two public hearings in September to weigh in. But it’s a lot to get through — 800 pages to be exact. So one nonprofit is holding trainings to help you figure it all out. (WLRN)    

Speak up. As yet another top city official faces a corruption probe, Miami Beach is taking steps to crack down. Now employees are required to report any bribery attempts they see or get offered while on the job. If they don’t? They could get the boot. (Miami New Times)

Unlocked. Pigeon racing is a horrible, fascinating niche sport that’s been a part of Miami for decades but always managed to stay in the shadows. It took this crime story to shed light on the secret world. (Miami Herald)

Leonard Pitts, Jr. always speaks truth. And this time, the Miami writer is reminding us how disasters like hurricanes can bring people together despite the walls, screens, and fences dividing the country right now. His message for Harvey victims is simple: “You don’t care who saves you. You only care that you are saved. There’s a lesson in that, I think. Miami came back. Houston will, too.” Hurricane Andrew survivors know that well. (Miami Herald)

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