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The Champion Spark Plug Regatta knew how to draw a crowd in 1975. (📸 : Friends of Miami Marine Stadium)


Back in the day, the Miami Marine Stadium hosted big name performers like Queen, Aretha Franklin, and The Who on its famous floating stage – plus boat races galore.

It’s been 25 years since a performer was on that stage, and today the stadium’s in pretty bad shape. But with the city taking steps to bring it back to life, and Miami’s first country music festival happening on site this weekend, we took a look at what it’s like to actually experience a show there.

Miami, this is what we’ve been missing out on. 

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What's New In The 305

Side hustles. More and more people are joining the “gig economy,” a.k.a having multiple jobs, freelancing, and working on side projects instead of focusing on a single career path. The Miami Herald dove into what it’s like to be a part of it here in SoFlo. (Miami Herald)

Pot economics. Legal marijuana growers in Florida, like this one out of Homestead, are about to start making some serious dough. Meet seven moguls bringing the medical marijuana business to the Sunshine State. (Miami New Times)

Seriously, dude? The Miami Herald has the lowdown on the guy who was arrested Wednesday for charging at Confederate street sign protesters in Hollywood. His name is Christopher Monzon, he’s a Cuban-American from Hialeah, and hes very vocal about his stance against multiculturalism. (Miami Herald)  

Not okay. Next time you’re strolling down Lincoln Road Mall, watch out for loose BURMESE PYTHONS. Yup. A cafe store owner found a six-footer slithering by a palm tree just two blocks from the mall’s west end. That is a very long snake. (Miami Herald)

Science is cool. A University of Miami researcher was inspired to change how concrete is made when his car was ruined by saltwater on Miami Beach. Now he’s got a team of UM researchers testing SEACON, an eco-friendly concrete process that uses seawater instead of tons of fresh water.  (WLRN)   

Beating the odds. A forest of mangroves on southern Biscayne Bay was nearly wiped out after Hurricane Andrew. Twenty five years later, an FIU landscape ecologist still visits the same patch to monitor its regrowth and keep tabs on how it’s battling the creeping threat of sea-level rise. (Miami Herald)

Watch out. Hurricane Irma has reached Cat 3 status. Forecasts are super unreliable this far out, but keep an eye on this one over the long weekend, friends. (Miami Herald)

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