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You knew a Publix meme was coming. (📷 Things Floridians Like)


You’re probably already beginning to feel tropical storm force winds as you read this. Irma dropped to a Category 4 overnight after wiggling a bit west, meaning we could possibly be spared a direct hit. However, the storm’s size means that South Florida will still get extreme wind, storm surge, and rainfall.

Hurricane conditions will start for the Keys and southern part of the mainland tonight. At this point, pretty much the entire state is under either a hurricane watch or warning.

You should not be out and about today – and if you have to be, do it early.

Don’t have a safe shelter yet? Miami-Dade County announced 13 more shelters Friday afternoon. Here’s the full list (scroll to shelters, it’s being updated to reflect when shelters hit capacity). WLRN has a list of Broward shelters as well. Transportation to shelters continues this morning until winds hit 35 mph. You can find your nearest pickup spot here.


We’re still answering your questions coming in on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, like:

We’ve also got the rundown on things like:

There’s also these tips on how to best use sandbags, how to operate a generator safely, and how to make your phone battery last for days (tip: chill on the swiping). (WLRN, WSVN, Quartz)

Plus, our Hurricane Irma Guide has plenty more on evacuations, supplies, and understanding the storm.


Fake news. No, FPL isn’t shutting down power before Irma arrives. No, hotels aren’t required to take in your pets. Nor are these 10 other things true about Irma. (Miami Herald, Buzzfeed)

Hurricanes are not for the poor. It’s expensive to properly prepare for a hurricane. But what happens when you straight up can’t afford to stock up on water or do a whole bunch of other life-saving things? (WLRN)

More than flamingos in the bathroom. This is how zoos prep for hurricanes and other natural disasters. (NPR)

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We’ve all been prepping all week.

You’re probably ready to get this thing over with already. We’re with you. But keep playing it safe – and save some of your snacks for the actual storm. We’ll get through this. 💪

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