🖐️ How you can lend a hand

🖐️ How you can lend a hand

Ice distribution is major key right now. Here’s City of Miami Commissioner Ken Russell doing that in West Grove, one of many officials throughout the county doing the same thing.
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FPL expects power to come back by the end of this weekend, more restaurants and bars are reopening, 12 million gallons of fuel arrived at Port Everglades, and the vast majority of grocery stores are ready for business.

Stay out of the water, because The Florida Department of Health is advising people not to swim on Miami’s beaches just yet.

If you’re looking to donate or volunteer, check out our suggestions here. And if you know of any people or organizations already doing great work to help our fellow Miamians post-Irma, tell us about them here. The Miami Foundation will consider those organizations for funding from their Hurricane Relief Fund.

Plus, we’re continuing to update our list of post-Irma questions from you, so hit reply to let us know what’s making you wonder and worry.

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Scenes from Miami

Pre and post-Irma in Coconut Grove: The storm has come and gone. As the city settles into the long and sweaty slog of recovery, we documented how the wind and storm surge temporarily transformed Coconut Grove.

When ice is more than ice. In much of Miami, people aren’t just hot. They’re looking for ways to keep medicine from going bad, and in need of lights to keep their neighborhood safe after sunset. City of Miami Commissioner Ken Russell’s office tried to help keep people in West Grove cool. A big barbecue in Elizabeth Virrick Park and some bags of ice brought people out of their taped up homes to share a community pick-me-up and some laughs.  

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What’s happening post-Irma

Racking up the hurricane days. Miami-Dade public schools are closed through the week. Broward schools are closed until at least Thursday. Here’s what’s keeping them closed. (Miami Herald)

DIY? Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho heaped blame on the Red Cross for the chaotic opening of shelters across the county, most of which were in public schools. The Red Cross says nope, they were only responsible for eight of the 40+ that eventually opened. (Miami Herald)

“The most high-pitched screaming sound you ever heard.” This New York Times video of the Keys after Irma is a reminder of what we could have suffered if the storm hadn’t made that turn. Want to know which Keys were hit hard and which were spared the worst of it? The Miami Herald surveyed a few of the big ones.

Built to last. PAMM, aka the Perez Art Museum Miami, was built to withstand Category 5 hurricane conditions. While Irma wasn’t that strong, it was the first real test of the building – and it passed. (Miami New Times)

Hurricane leftovers. If you’re still without power and don’t know what to do with your hurricane food, there’s a cookbook for you. And you can download it. (They even have solutions for canned tuna). (Miami.com)

Things to do

We’ll have a list of current events back for you in Friday’s newsletter. If you’ve made some changes to your event, or put something new on the calendar we should know about, give us a shout.

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