🍃 Grab your chainsaws

🍃 Grab your chainsaws


Only a week ago, we were preparing for Hurricane Irma’s landfall.

While we were spared a direct hit, she still wrought a whole lot of damage and devastation.

This weekend is a good moment to help others get back on their feet. We’ve got a few suggestions how:

  • Where you can volunteer
  • Where you can bring supplies
  • How you can open your home to those who need one via Airbnb

We also have info on even more opportunities for lending a hand this weekend down at the bottom.

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A lot of you have already shared what you had to take with you when evacuating Irma. From books to pets, paperweights to wedding photos, abuela’s jewelry to baby blankets, we want to hear what came along.

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We will be collecting canned goods, hygiene products & toiletries for Hurricane Irma victims during our Brunch this Sunday, 9.17 Learn More ».
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SMH. After Hurricane Wilma in 2005, the state tried to pass a bill to require nursing homes to have a generator to keep AC going at all times. It failed. After the Hollywood tragedy, Miami-Dade Mayor Gimenez says he’ll pass a local law if the legislature doesn’t step up. (Miami Herald)

Freebies. Uber is offering free rides in Irma’s aftermath, and these restaurants have great giveaways and deals. Plus, don’t forget libraries have reopened – and have air-conditioning and Internet. Like always. (SFBJ, Miami New Times, Miami-Dade County)

Pinky swear. FPL promises you’ll have power in your home restored by Sunday, Sept. 17 at the latest. (Miami Herald)

Don’t go hungry. Irma made food insecurity in Miami-Dade’s poorest communities even worse than it was before. Left with no electricity to cook, this is how residents there are getting by. Plus, if you’re in need, here’s a list of Miami-Dade schools distributing free meals. (WLRN, CBS Miami)

Still standing. Here are some shocking aerial photos of the Caribbean and the Keys pre- and post-Irma’s wrath. You can see where beaches eroded, what areas lost trees, and even where buildings blew away. The islands are shaken, but still standing. (USA Today)

Opa-Locka Community Development Corporation in partnership with the City of Opa-Locka will be giving out bags of ice, water, and food today! Learn More ».
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Nothing happens without a remix. We’ll leave you for the weekend with Hurricane Irma’s Evaculation.  

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