🚘 Growing pains

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🚘 Growing pains

These are just a few of the many things you took with you while escaping from Irma, South Florida.

The emotional part of evacuation

Irma prompted the largest evacuation in Miami-Dade history – and tough decisions for everyone who left. We asked what you just couldn’t leave behind when you evacuated Hurricane Irma. You sent us pictures of everything from family portraits to pets to paperweights.

But it’s the stories you sent with them that give us a powerful sneak peek into how sentimental and funny we get when we have to leave our homes, unsure if we’ll return.  

Take a look.

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We’ve been getting pretty confused about insurance policies after Irma: what’s covered, what’s not, and who can get us the help we need.

We’re talking to insurance companies this week. Got a question you want us to ask them? Let us know on Facebook or hit reply.

If you need a place to work after Hurricane Irma, we're offering a promotional limited-time day-passes for $10/person/day for a 5 day max. Learn More ».
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Growing pains. Florida is one of the country’s fastest growing states, and we just pulled off the largest evacuation in state history that was considered a success (seriously). But if we don’t stop growing, it might not go so well next time. (Miami Herald)

We lost power, but these folks lost jobs. People living Immokalee, a city in southwest Florida, rely on agriculture to survive. When Irma hit full force in nearby Naples, many people’s livelihoods were washed away. Now these farming families are trying to figure out how to get by. (Miami Herald)

Better building for better buildings. The Keys sustained major damage from Irma’s winds and rain. But the houses that remained standing show us just how valuable good building codes can be, and how we should build in the future. (Miami Herald)

Fed up. South Floridians are sweaty and frustrated with how long the power’s been out – and wondering what FPL did with the $2 billion it’s supposedly spent since Hurricane Wilma to make the grid able to better handle these storms. The latest update is that people in South Dade could be waiting until Tuesday for that sweet, sweet AC. (Miami New Times, Miami Herald)

Early voting is happening RN, people. Irma didn’t delay early voting in Miami-Dade for the State House District 116 and Senate District 40 special election races. Want to vote? Mail in your ballot or go to one of three early polling locations by Sept. 24. Not interested in early voting? You can vote on Sept. 26 at a local polling spot. (Miami Herald)

#Gross. Electricity doesn’t just power our AC – it powers sewage pumps across the state. And without it, millions of gallons of sewage are spilling out. Miami-Dade Water and Sewage dumped six million gallons into Biscayne Bay alone. (Washington Post)  

Fact check. No, FPL is not going to pay you for the food that spoiled when your power went out. (Miami Herald)

Frost Science & Feeding South Florida are collecting food items & hygiene supplies- 9am to 4pm daily @ the Frost Science Loading Dock. Learn More ».
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Things to do

Irma relief

🎙️9/21: Rooftop Relief: Aftermath Supply Drive Concert ft. Brendan O’Hara

Hosting a relief event Miami should know about? Let us know by replying to this e-mail.

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We’re in this together.

We were proud to see how much of Miami showed up in force this weekend to volunteer and provide supplies all over the county. Let’s keep that #MiamiStrong spirit going. We’re continuing to update our list of ways to help – check it out to see how you can get in on it.

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