🤗 Miami Spice just got extended

🤗 Miami Spice just got extended

That fresh Miami skyline.


Amid the Irma frenzy, something snuck up on us: the 2017-18 county budget public hearings.

The first was supposed to happen on Sept. 7, but Irma disrupted that. So it’s happening today at 5 p.m.

This meeting is your best chance to weigh in on the proposed budget, which will affect everything from policing to transit, parks to water and sewer. The Miami Herald’s got all the deets on what’s in it, and we’ve got the rundown of what today means.

P.S. The City of Miami public hearing on the budget is ALSO happening today. At the same time. We want to talk to the people who made the calendars. Theirs is at Miami City Hall.

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What's New In The 305

One good thing came out of Irma. Miami Spice is extended through October to help local restaurants get back on their feet post-Irma (and us from eating all that canned tuna). You can catch us ordering out. (Miami New Times)

Doughs and Doughn’t of evacuating. Zak the Baker uses one fermenting piece of dough to bake his popular bread. So what happened when he had to evacuate during Irma? He whisked it away to safety – to the confusion of airport security. (Vice Munchies)

We’ll miss ya. Irma’s storm surge and wind badly damaged Matheson Hammock Park’s beloved Red Fish Grill. After Hurricane Andrew, the owners rebuilt the historic coral rock structure, but the owners say they don’t know if they can rebuild it again. (Miami.com)

Irma’s wake. Gov. Rick Scott estimates that Hurricane Irma left 10,000 homeless in the Keys. That’s more than 10 percent of Monroe County’s population. A peek into how they’re living south of Mile Marker 74 reveals undrinkable water, no sewer system, limited reception and power, a lot of clean up – and a community in full-on survival mode. (Miami Herald)

Not okay. Some service industry employees had to choose between evacuating for Hurricane Irma or keeping their jobs. These tales of hotel, restaurant, and store managers threatening workers who wanted to leave — when more than 6 million people were told to GTFO for their safety — means we have a lot of work to do. (The Outline)

It’s that time again. Here’s when the King Tides will be washing ashore this week. Don’t go barefoot in that water – and be careful where you park your car. (Miami Herald)

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