🌳 FPL is throwing shade.
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🌳 FPL is throwing shade.

Like the rest of Miami, Vizcaya's in clean-up mode.


Irma might have only been a Category 1, but we heard it did some damage to some of our favorite Miami landmarks. So we checked in.

From Fairchild Tropical Gardens to Vizcaya, they’re all dealing with downed trees and debris, at the very least. For some of them, it’s more.

Want to help out these places get back on their feet? Some of them are still looking for help from volunteers. Details here.

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Hurricane Irma was our first storm in a long time, and it got us thinking about how to be better prepared for the next one.

What item in your hurricane kit ended up being the most clutch? What lessons did you learn when prepping this time around?

To get you thinking, check out this Facebook thread started by reader Marlon Hill. And then tell us here what advice you want to share with your neighbors for the next one.

People throughout our region are feeling the effects of Hurricane Irma. Contribute to The Miami Foundation's funds of your choice! Learn More ».
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What's New In The 305

It’s not just you. This year’s hurricane season is more intense than the past few. (NYT)

The people spoke. And it looks like they could get some of their transit money back. While the budget passed Tuesday with all its proposed transit cuts, it only passed by one vote – and one commissioner says he won’t approve it at the final hearing unless a whole bunch of that money is given back. (Miami Herald)

No-go zone. Residents living in Allapattah’s public housing complex Civic Towers were evacuated to shelters for Hurricane Irma. When it came time to return, they couldn’t because the building failed inspection. Now they’re living in the parking lot, waiting to find out where they can go next. (Miami Herald)

Beach vs. Irma. This before-and-after look of Miami Beach shows how Irma literally reshaped Miami Beach. (Miami Herald)

Maria Maria. Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico yesterday, leaving the island powerless, dangerously flooded, and filled with damaged or destroyed homes. It was the worst storm to hit the island in almost a century, and they could be without power for months. (Miami Herald)

Hot topic. Unlike many public schools, Florida charter schools aren’t required to be built to double as hurricane shelters, so many don’t meet the standards. Now some are wondering if Irma may change these rules. (WLRN)

Throwing shade. Coral Gables and Pinecrest have threatened to sue FPL over how long it’s taking to get power restored, and FPL is snapping back. The electricity company says the two cities should blame themselves for letting trees grow too big to coexist with power lines. Meanwhile, Groveites and Miami Commissioner Ken Russell took matters into their own hands and used an app to tell FPL where it needed to restore power. (Miami Herald, Miami New Times)

Frost Science & Feeding South Florida are collecting food items & hygiene supplies- 9am to 4pm daily @ the Frost Science Loading Dock. Learn More ».
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