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This is the Community Emergency Operations Center, still out feeding Miamians in Little Haiti several days after Irma passed. Ariel Zirulnick / The New Tropic


Does the county want to hear what you have to say about the response to Irma?

The public came out on Tuesday to talk. The commission said it wasn’t the time. And at the formal Irma debriefing next week, they’re not allowing public comment.

Irma was a wake-up call for all of us. You’ve got a lot to say and we hear you. We want to help make sure everyone else does, too. Give us a hand.

Weekend do-good vibes

The Irma cleanup isn’t over.

Virginia Key and Oleta have been closed to the visitors since the storm because of the epic amount of debris. They’re asking for volunteers to come out to help them get the parks back in order this weekend. We’ve got the updated deets in our volunteer guide.

Plus, PAMM is offering free admission if you bring relief supplies for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade and HistoryMiami is donating admission proceeds to a Hurricane Irma Relief fund through Oct. 1. Get out there.

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😷 MBCHC is open for your healthcare needs
Miami Beach Community Health Center is open at 710 Alton Road & 1221 71 Street for your primary and specialty care needs. (305) 538-8835.


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What's New In The 305

Wait, what? FPL spent close to $3 billion over the past decade to strengthen the electrical grid for the next hurricane. But the effort was never actually expected to keep the power on during a storm, FPL says. Huh. (Miami Herald)

Talk data to me. In a story about how important data is in disaster recovery, the City of Miami got a lil’ shout out from Slate for the way it used an app to update the city’s storm surge map in the days after Irma. Plus, the Miami Heralds’s got the deets on how the US government estimates our surge based on what it leaves behind. 

Strapped for cash. If Irma has you feelin’ broke, here are five programs that can help with things like paying rent. Plus here’s how to get credit for all those days you lost Xfinity service. (Miami New Times, Miami Herald)  

Numbers to call. Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico without power and many communication lines, but you can dial these numbers and hotlines to check up on family and friends on the island. (CBS Miami)

Getting the help they need. Yesterday we reported on Civic Towers residents who’ve been living in their parking lot since Irma because their building failed inspection. At least 50 of the 80 residents will be moved to hotels. The other 30 will be relocated ASAP – but it’s TBD what the long term plan is for keeping a roof over their head.  (Miami Herald)

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You said it

“FPL is out here throwing shade when what they need to be doing is spreading light. 🙄”

Jemar Souza, coming in with the best reply we’ve gotten to the newsletter all week



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🎨  PAMM's 10th Annual Corporate Luncheon
Join South Florida’s most influential business leaders in support of the arts on Sept. 27 at 11 AM


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👍 Club-to-Club Florida Keys Relief
Boys and Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade is collecting supplies and donations to aid Keys Area Clubs. Click below and support today!


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