🇭🇹 Haiti, mon pays
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🇭🇹 Haiti, mon pays

In case you didn't get enough Arcade Fire in your Insta feed, here's Win Butler, the lead singer, as he snuck off stage to sing in the audience at Saturday night's concert.


Hurricane Irma has us scrambling to find our insurance papers and figure out what they mean – and it turns out it is NOT easy stuff to decipher.

So we got an insurance company on the phone to answer your questions and ours.

Here’s everything you need to know about insurance after a hurricane, and what kind of coverage you need for the next monster storm.

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After these past couple weeks, we’re all due for some TLC. Stretch it out on 1 Hotel’s oceanfront terrace this Wednesday with some community yoga at Celebrate Good (YOGA) Times!

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Haiti, mon pays. We wish we were half as badass as this Miami Shores Elementary School student. Ten-year-old Haitian-American Ronyde Christina Ponthieux got on stage with Arcade Fire on Saturday night and asked the Trump administration to extend TPS for Haitians. Temporary protected status is granted to immigrants when their home country isn’t considered safe for return, and right now Haitians’ TPS designation ends in January. Without it, many will be sent back. (Miami Herald)

Not messing around. FPL threw some serious shade at Coral Gables last week – and the city snapped back with a $64,000 fine for the slow power restoration. The Gables says the fine will keep going up until everyone’s lights are back on. (Miami Herald)

Lessons learned. South Florida made lots of changes after Hurricane Andrew to better prepare us for the next storm. And they mostly worked when Irma hit, the Miami Herald reports. But the latest hurricane showed us a whole bunch of new vulnerabilities. The big question: will we learn from Irma as well as we did from Andrew?

Team effort. Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach are banding together to try and woo Amazon to South Florida for its second headquarters. If we get it, does that mean our Amazon Prime orders will actually show up in time for the next hurricane? (Sun Sentinel)

Not cool. When some Miami Beach government workers couldn’t get back to the office by Sept. 12, just two days after Irma, the city sent them a little note telling them it planned to fire them, calling their absence “job abandonment.” They’ll get a chance to try and change the city’s mind at a meeting. (Miami Herald)

SAVAGE. Tampa’s debris pickup company had a bunch of extra trucks set to roll into town after Irma to deal with all those downed trees – until South Florida swooped in and offered a sweeter deal to the subcontractor that owned them. Sorry not sorry, Tampa. (Tampa Bay Times)

Comeback queens. The Keys will officially reopen to tourists by land on Oct. 20, just in time for Fantasy Fest. If you can get there by boat, Key West is already waiting for you, with all the cocktails and drag queens. (Miami.com)

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