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Moonlight, filmed in Liberty City, is one of Miami’s gems.

Director Barry Jenkins, a neighborhood native, wanted everything to feel local about the movie – including its extras. We caught up with a couple Miamians who were in high school when acting as film extras, and asked them what their experiences were like on set. Meet Jessica and Nerlande – because of Moonlight, they both want to pursue careers in movie making.

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Welcome home. The Florida Keys officially reopen on Sunday, and they need our support. We say that means it’s 100 percent OK to eat way more key lime pie, conch salad, and fried seafood than you ever should. (NBC Miami)

Phew. Miami-Dade County passed its 2017-18 budget in the wee hours of Friday morning, and transit riders will be doing a happy dance: it includes $15 million to reverse recent cuts and avoid making future ones. (Miami Herald)

Will there be snozzberries? Miami’s first legit chocolate factory, Exquisito Chocolates, is moving to Little Havana. It takes FOUR DAYS to make a single batch of their chocolate. You’ll find us outside, just sniffing the air while we sip our cafecito. (Miami.com)

😍  Chef Niven Patel is opening his second Ghee Indian Kitchen location, and we’re freaking out. It’s gonna be in the Design District, where the legendary Cypress Room once was. Check out how he got started on his backyard farm, and bring on the pani puri. (Miami New Times)

How Miami knew Hugh. Mr. Playboy himself, Hugh Hefner, died Wednesday at 91. Miami knew him best in 1961, when his club on NE 77th and Biscayne hosted lavish parties. Now, it’s an auto store. Take a look back on the magazine founder’s history in the 305. (Miami Herald, Miami New Times)

Not burying the lawsuit tho. Coral Gables is considering burying all of its power lines underground to try and prevent the extended power outages that happened after Irma. But the project could cost $250 million. Yikes. (Miami Herald)

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