✋ You don’t even GO here, O.J.
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✋ You don’t even GO here, O.J.

Miami sunrises. Making it easier to wake up in the morning since 1896.


On Oct. 1, online voter registration became official in Florida. Oh heyyy, 21st century.

What does this mean for you? That if you’re a U.S. citizen, Florida resident, over 18, and not a convicted felon, you have literally no excuse not to be registered. It is so easy.

All you’ve got to do is go to this site with your driver’s license and last four digits of your social security number in hand and fill out the forms. If you want to do it the old-fashioned way for some reason, you can do that here.

We’ve got a bunch of local elections coming up on Nov. 7, so if you live in the City of Miami, Miami Beach, or Homestead, do it by Oct. 10. Did we mention just how easy this is?


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Bruh. We may be exhausted, but our crazy storm season is not even close to over – Florida is the likeliest spot to get hit by a hurricane in October, according to forecasters. The bad luck is the result of October wind patterns and very-warm seas. (Palm Beach Post)

But what’s the tee time? President Trump will finally visit Puerto Rico today, almost two weeks after Hurricane Maria pummeled the U.S. territory. Gov. Rick Scott announced a state of emergency in Florida in preparation for the hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans expected to move here. That allows him to do things like open up “disaster aid centers” to help with challenges like housing and jobs. (Tampa Bay Times, POLITICO)

Cash me outside. The Miami-Dade County Commission has a bunch of rules to keep public hearings from getting out-of-hand. But they often end with residents getting kicked out of meetings, and the Miami New Times writes that some of them seem more like an effort to silence critics – like the one that bans speakers from singling out any politicians by name.

Trouble in paradise. The Keys had an affordable housing problem even before Hurricane Irma hit – the price of a one-bedroom apartment was already 32 percent higher than anywhere else in the state. Now that the storm has wiped out a big chunk of the housing supply, along with many of the jobs that allowed Keys residents to pay their bills, it’s unclear if longtime residents will be able to afford any place to call their own. (Miami Herald)

Munching for munchies. Medical marijuana distributors are asking the Florida Department of Health to make some rules about edibles so they can finally get to selling those gummies and cookies. When the state constitution was amended last year to legalize medical marijuana, it included a requirement that the health department tightly regulate edibles. (Miami Herald)

You don’t even GO here. Or so Attorney General Pam Bondi said to OJ Simpson, who lived in Miami before he went to prison in Nevada. He just got out, and she told him he better not come back. His response, via his lawyer, was basically, “I do what I want” and that he plans to come back in a few months. (Tampa Bay Times)

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