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The bee suits are no joke.


Danielle Bender expected her beehives in Little River to be totally devastated after Hurricane Irma. But when she finally got to scope them out, she found a TON of honey.

Turns out bees get busy when they’re cooped up inside, just like humans.

Danielle only became a beekeeper about a year ago, but she’s already introducing urban beekeeping to the rest of the city as a Miami Foundation Public Space Challenge winner.

Join us on a tour of her hives.


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Make Miami baseball great again. Derek Jeter began his era as the owner of the Marlins with a little love letter to Fish fans, promising to bring us a “winning culture” and to celebrate the city’s diversity. “Let’s have some fun – it’s the Miami way,” he said. We’re down with that. (Marlins.com)

Grab your rain boots. It’s time for the fall king tides, the highest tides of the year. They began yesterday, but the highest tides are expected Thursday through Sunday. Last year Miami Beach’s pumps were no match and parts of Indian Creek Drive had to be closed. It’s TBD if they’ve been beefed up enough in the last year to keep the roads dry. (Sun Sentinel)

SMH. President Trump visited Puerto Rico yesterday and said he’s relieved that Hurricane Maria hasn’t been “a real catastrophe like Katrina,” pointing to the lower death toll. We think the 3,800 evacuees who left their destroyed homes and arrived here yesterday might disagree… (Tampa Bay Times, Sun Sentinel)

Co-signed. Food & Wine dubbed Little Haiti “the next big thing” in Miami, shouting out longtime local faves like Chef Creole and Sweat Records and newcomers like Sherwood’s Bistro. We think the rest of America will agree that Chef’s oxtail and fried fish is 💯.

Subtlety is key. A Beach developer has proposed two gigantic LED screens on the side of his development on Alton Road, because so many of us have thought, “We wish South Beach looked a little more like Times Square.” But he swears the screen will show off photos of nature, architecture, and art, not advertising. The Miami Beach Design Review Board began considering it last night. (Miami New Times)

Neighbors helping neighbors. Removing fallen trees is expensive – just ask all the Miamians whose yards are still buried in Irma debris. Enter Konscious Contractors, a group of volunteers roaming the city with chainsaws and tools to help  remove trees, rebuild fallen fences, and put tarps on damaged roofs. (WLRN)

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If you #livelikeyoulivehere, you didn’t need Food & Wine to tell you how dope Little Haiti is. But maybe you need a little bit of a guidebook to find the best spots.

Our Little Haiti and Little River neighborhood guide is just what you need. Scope it out.




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