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Because this is how we felt yesterday.


The City of Miami and Miami Beach have local elections on Nov. 7, and we’re working on voter guides that will break down what the candidates are all about and what those super confusing referenda actually mean.

But before we do that, we want to make sure we’re asking the questions you want to know the answers to. So tell us: What issues are on your mind when you’re driving around your neighborhood? What do you want to know about how our leaders will take on the challenges of their city?

Here’s a little more background on the big issues candidates will talk about for the Miami Beach and the City of Miami elections – scroll to the bottom to share your questions. Or just hit reply. We’ll use them in our voter’s guide, coming soon.

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Grab your rain boots. We already knew this week was gonna be wet, but it turns out the king tides are even higher than predicted, by 1.2 feet. Plus, it’s raining. A lot. To deal, Miami Beach deployed a bunch of extra pumps, released a schedule of the high tides, and urged people to avoid driving in easily flooded areas during those times. (City of Miami Beach)

So that happened. The Miami-Dade County Commission voted 7-4 not to ban gay-conversion therapy for children. The practice, meant to change a child’s sexual orientation if they are gay, was dubbed bogus – and hurtful – years ago. But commissioners opposed said the ban was too vague and would impose on the rights of a parent. At least the bans are still enforced in cities that passed their own, like Miami and Miami Beach. (Miami Herald)

It’s lit. Time Out Market has unveiled some plans for its South Beach food hall near Lincoln Road and it’s sounding pretty delicious. The chefs behind local faves like Pubbelly, Macchialina, KUSH, and Coyo are all bringing concepts to the spot. And with Time Out taking on many of the costs of the space, the restaurants might actually be able to afford to stick around awhile – something that’s been a problem around Lincoln Road for years. (Miami.com)

Daaang. Developer Swire Properties, the company behind Brickell City Centre, says that once all the current residential projects are finished, Brickell will become the second most densely populated residential area in the whole U.S. (Manhattan is No. 1). (The Next Miami)

Talking sense. Rep. Carlos Curbelo told WLRN that after Las Vegas, Congress ought to take steps to eliminate “bump stocks,” a simple add-on that allows a semi-automatic gun to be fired at a speed closer to an assault rifle. Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock had bump stocks on several of the rifles found in his hotel room.

About time. Doral may be the first city in Miami-Dade to get a couple reversible lanes to help fix its traffic mess. The city’s about to launch a study on the feasibility of the plan, and if they give it a thumbs up, the change could go into effect as soon as early 2018. (CBS Local)

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