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Mike and Mike became fast friends when they realized they both loved playing board games. But after a while, they got tired of hosting game nights at each others’ homes.

So earlier this summer they opened Miami’s first-ever board game cafe: Mac & Chess. What exactly is that, and why the chess pun? Read on to find out.

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It’s straight up Westeros out there. The City of Miami District 3 election is full of family dynasties – Carollo, Regalado, Barreiro – and those who don’t have a connection are having a real hard time getting attention. Some of them are choosing to embrace it instead: Commission candidate Alfie Leon is going around reminding people, “Yo no soy hijo de politicano.” (Miami Herald)

Would you like the steak or the steak? Meanwhile, there basically aren’t any elections for mayor. Miami, Miami Beach, Hialeah, and Homestead are all gearing up for their votes, and in every city the frontrunner is a shoe-in. Homestead’s mayor doesn’t even have an opponent. (Political Cortadito)

Size matters. Miami-Dade’s urban development boundary – the western border beyond which no development can happen – is gonna be staying put. That means a plan to extend the 836 into southwest Kendall is on hold, but also that the Everglades are protected for a little bit longer. (MIami Herald)

Just, no. The death of 14 nursing home patients from heat exposure after Hurricane Irma prompted lots of talk about policy changes to prevent anything like it from happening again. But one Florida state senator says we shouldn’t impose more regulations because the victims were old and some would have died soon anyway. No, seriously. He said that. (Miami New Times)

Out of this world. We generally think of Fairchild Tropical Garden as pretty earthy (sorry), but they’re all about space now. The botanical garden is partnering up with NASA to explore ways to grow veggies on the International Space Station, and Miami-Dade County Public School students get to join. (Miami Herald)

Brawlin’. Gov. Rick Scott got called OUT in Washington when he went to plead for money to help our citrus industry. Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had lots to say about the slow pace of debris removal, which is stalled because Scott has stood in the way of cities hiring companies at jacked-up rates. But it’s pretty much cities’ only option considering Irma hit the whole damn state. (Tampa Bay Times)

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It’s been a year since the Miami Foundation launched its “My Miami Story” initiative, which is all about getting locals to sit down together and share how they experience the Magic City.

They’re asking Miamians to host convos with a group of locals over coffee or a meal all across the county. And this year, they’re suggesting people swap stories about their experiences during Irma and how Miami can be better prepared for the next storm.

You’ve still got time to join in. Want to host or be a guest? You can sign up here.



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Only 58 percent of you agreed with The Telegraph that Miami is the most Instagrammable city in America. Whatever. You can find us this weekend posing casually “candid” in front of the Wynwood Walls.

Have a great weekend! We’ll see you Monday morning.

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