👩 What to do about #MeToo
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👩 What to do about #MeToo

The cat calls. The gropes while standing in line. The icky feeling when someone leans a little too close at a happy hour. The explicit text messages from a professional colleague. The cornering in a dark corner at a bar. Everything beyond that we don’t need to spell out.

Over the past couple of days, stories of sexual assault and harassment from across Miami and the country have likely inundated your social media feeds accompanied by a two-word hashtag: #MeToo.

The hashtag started in response to a New York Times op-ed by a Hollywood actress – here’s more context on how all this got started – and has prompted private and public conversations between friends, family and partners. Plus lists like this that women are making for men who say they want to help.

Is the magnitude of the problem leaving you stunned? Are you hurting for your friends who are sharing their most painful experiences publicly in an attempt to maybe, finally convince society that this is a very real, very ENORMOUS problem that at least half our population copes with day in and day out?

But there are things we can do, right here in Miami. You can support the scores of organizations working on issues of misogyny and violence against women, such as Lotus House, M.U.J.E.R., Miami Workers Center, and the Dade Men Project (thanks to Women’s Movement Now – Miami for these and many more suggestions).

Got more suggestions for organizations? Ways we can fight this together? Tips on how to be a true ally? Hit reply to the newsletter and let us know.

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Wot the wot. Miami finally has an Ethiopian restaurant. This Miami New Times review of the new Miami Gardens spot, Awash, has us drooling.  

DENIED. Florida turned down FPL’s request to charge customers (aka you and me) $49 million more for simply PLANNING a nuclear reactor that FPL can’t even promise will be built. Why? Because although FPL’s been planning this reactor since 2008, it still hasn’t even done a feasibility study on whether the reactor is even, well, possible. (Miami Herald)

Old Smokey. City of Miami residents who grew up near “Old Smokey” in West Grove are suing the city. They claim the trash incinerator that belched toxic smoke into their neighborhoods for decades – a classic case of environmental racism – likely gave them diseases, like cancer. The Miami New Times has the rundown on all the ways that pollution affected nearby areas.

Meanwhile… County Commissioner Audrey Edmonson sponsored an ordinance that would require property owners to tell their tenants if they’ve about to move into a place that’s been environmentally contaminated. Why now? Last year an Overtown apartment building was built on soil contaminated with… arsenic. We’re filing this under “things we can’t believe aren’t illegal.” Related: here’s a map of all the Superfund sites in Miami-Dade. Do you live near one? (Miami New Times, The New Tropic)

Started from the bottom now we here. Wynwood has every outdoor drinking option but one: a rooftop bar. This weekend, when No. 3 Social opens, that changes. (TimeOut Miami)

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Keep fighting the good fight. We’ll see you mañana. 👋

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