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Mornings like these at Los Pinarenos... (@mrmiamimarvin)


A year ago, New World Symphony set out to make a soundtrack that represented the 305 in all its beauty, chaos, and diversity – the sounds of traffic, of a cafecito being made, of the waves crashing.

More than 1,000 people across Miami-Dade submitted slices of what their Miami sounds and looks like to Project305 (you can see them all on this map, and it’s pretty fun to play with). The result is the film “Miami in Movements,” and Saturday night, you get to see it during a special WALLCAST (that means it’ll be projected on a wall) at Soundscape Park.

That kicks off around 7:30 p.m., but a couple hours before that you can explore some of Miami’s neighborhoods via VR goggles or jam out to a bunch of guest musicians, including the Brazilian percussion group Picadillo and a gospel chorus. Bonus: This is all free. Find all the deets here.

Let’s soak in some of that love for the Magic City Saturday night.

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All the way up. The Kampong lost a whole lot of trees when Hurricane Irma blew through, including a beloved  22-ton baobab tree planted in 1928 by the garden’s founder, David Fairchild. This is how they got it back on its roots. (Miami Herald)

Slamming on the brakes. Expanding Metrorail requires dolla dolla bills (about $100 million of them) from the federal government. This week, Trump’s transportation chief came to Miami and kinda killed hopes that money would be coming, saying resources are an issue and promising nada. (Miami Herald)

Mr. Worldwide. Pitbull is opening a restaurant in the Bon Air Hotel on Ocean Drive. It’s going to be called iLov 305. Obviously. (Eater)

Handshake. Miami-Dade approved new regulations on short-term rentals like Airbnb this week, such as a requirement that hosts have a certificate of use and that they screen for sexual offenders. The county and Airbnb already reached a taxing agreement back in May and that means this ongoing fight finally seems pretty settled. But the regulations only apply in unincorporated Miami-Dade, so residents in places like Miami Beach or City of Miami, you’re still TBD. (Miami Herald)

Talk about a leap of faith.  Magic Leap, pretty much South Florida’s most famous startup, just raised $502 million in funding. That gives it a total of $1.88 billion in fundraising so far… and they’ve still never shown their product to their world. 😲 (SFBJ)

It’s official. Miami Beach commissioners voted yesterday to close public beaches at 10 p.m., two hours earlier, saying it’s no longer a safe place to be late at night. We don’t know yet when it will take effect, but don’t worry early birds – they’ll still open at 5 a.m. (Local 10)

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And it’s only one more day until Friday! You got this.

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